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For those asking about feral cats

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Interesting article to hopefully spark some debate and not flames. Just because I am posting this, does not mean I agree with it. I see a different side of the coin because I have ferals that have been tamed over a lot of time and more patience than I thought I ever possessed

Should Ferals be euthanized?
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Powerful article Hissy, it really makes you think since it gives both sides of the coin, and a little spare change to boot.
Thanks for posting this, I wish more people than us "cat lovers" could see it and maybe help prevent this problem from escalating.
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Hissy - yes a powerful article - but I do feel that every cat that is neutered is preventing so many more unwanted children. The feeders and caretakes need to remain responsible and vigilent in their watch over their colonies. I have taken on 1 young 'feral' cat and she has lived with me for 8 years. Two of my others are from feral mom Goldie - they are absolutely the most wonderful children. I plan to trap mom this month and get her spayed and have a check up and shots. I never thought this was a bad thing to do. I will ALWAYS feed her AND spend time with her that she allows - but have also wondered what if????? how will I trap her again if she needs more medical attention?
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Although I agree with you, unfortunately there are TOO many cats which possibly could be tamed, and not enough people who are willing to do it. That is the problem. I absolutely LOVE socializing feral kittens. My third cat was a feral kitten born to a feral mother on a boat in a Marina. Hence, her name Marina Mar (Mar is spanish for ocean). She was one of the lucky ones, although she is paying for it now because of a immuno-deficiency problem.

Humans are definitely to blame. PERIOD. If they had taken responsibility of a commitment they made when these cats were babies, and had them spayed/neutered and gave them a home, this probably never would have happened. I'm tired of people saying they can't afford it (if that's the case they have no business caring for a pet).

I'm helping my editor trap and spay a female that hangs out on her deck while she reads the paper. She will put her back out when she's ready and maintain her.

Euthanasia??? That's a difficult one. You can only do so much. Especially if these cats have been out in the "wild" for some time. As long as they are healthy and happy and also disease free, I say, keep on doing what you're doing. Caring for them. It only takes a few seconds of your time.

The diseased feral ones, fatal with no cure, as well as the sick ones, also with no cure, well, I'd have to say that it would be in BOTH interests to euthanize them. Why make them go through a horrendous death and possibly pass it on to other pets who aren't vaccinated. That wouldn't be fair to any of them since they WERE here first and didn't ask for this kind of life

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That was a very interesting article. I believe, like Donna does, that there are more cats out there that could be tamed and not enough people to take them. The people that get a cat and do not act responsibly in caring for it are definitely to blame for all of these unwanted pets. In the last 2 months we've gone from a 2 cat household to a 7 cat household with more on the way very soon. Instead of taking this momma cat and her babies to a shelter or getting her spayed in the first place, they decided to abandon them to fend for themselves or be taken in by someone else. That someone was me because I couldn't stand the thought of them being killed by a dog or hit by a car. I certainly wasn't looking for more kitties but they were lucky to show up here. I'm doing my best to do the right thing and get them spayed and neutered and hopefully find homes for the young ones and maybe the mom too. I asked at the SPCA if they would take the mom cat and they said they would but they wouldn't keep her which I believe meant they would euthanize her and I couldn't see that because she is not sick and it's not her fault that her previous owners weren't responsible enough and therefore she got pregnant. She's a very nice kitty and doesn't deserve to die. I guess I'm an old softy but I wouldn't be able to take an abandoned cat and have it euthanized unless it was sick or suffering. If I can't find homes for these guys I'm not too sure what will happen but I know I will not return them to the outside. They just might end up living with us forever.
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