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Sherlock & the rubber duckie

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i'm back with high speed internet woo hoo!!!! As per request, here's mr. Hobbes relaxing in his rubber duckie bathrobe. What do you think?

King of the scratching post. Haven't had his morning coffee yet, i think he's feeling a tad grouchy

i love his little front paws. They're pudgy and cute.


Btw, my kitchen walls are yellow, they look orange in the previous pictures i posted.

And back by popular demand, the official uniform of Sherlock Hobbes.

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Hobbes is a cutie patootie.... I just love the bathrobe on him!!
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Aw he's so handsome! I love the third picture, he actually looks awake! And of course, I'm so thrilled to see the return of Sherlock Hobbes! Yay! Thanks for posting them... whee!
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I just love your pictures of Hobbes! He's always dressed so nice and you have a real knack for photography too! I'm guessing that he's an "only child?"

My poor kitties have to run around nekkid since there's 5 of them and I can't afford clothes for them all.
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I thought you were saving the robe for Christmas? I do adore the Hobbes Sherlock outfit.

Isn't cable great??
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Oh that is just so darn adorable!
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Aww how adorable, he looks so cute with his rubber duckie bathrobe on.
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Adorable pics!
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so cute!!!
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Wow!! Hobbes is such a darling little cat model! He looks good in everything you put on him!
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Oh Hobbes is darling as always!
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Cute cute cute, Hobbes could give my babies lessons on wearing clothes. My 3 will not allow it!!
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Oh, that is just too cute! Hobbes actually looks comfortable in his outfits, most cats tend to look annoyed when dressed up! What a cutie!
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aww i want some clothes for teufel too!
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More Hobbes pictures! More Hobbes pictures!

I've missed our TCS supermodel
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