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Sick Kitty

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Original symptoms:

-Loosing weight
-Sqeezing poop results in small rabbit turds
-Throws up after, perhaps from the stress of poopin

Taken to the vet, put on medication for bladder infection.

New symptoms:

-Sleeping on heat vent all day
-Not eating/drinking

Obviously she needs to go to the vet, but my mother has $0, and my sisters transmission is busted, so she can't come home ASAP as she'd like. (She's house sitting) My mother is concerned that the cat is going to die. She might be overly concerned, but she is obviously sick. Any ideas what may be wrong here?

She is a very stressed out cat, and in the recent past has also licked half the fur off her tail.
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she still needs to be taken back to the vet, very soon...even if you are very low on cash, most vets will work with you so you can make some sort of payments( i still havent paid a dime on sara's vet bill from october when she had the URI ) but dont call them, make an appointment or just take her up there so they can see her and explain it to them their, they should be able to help you out!
please take her back, as soon as you can, hope all goes well, let us know what you find out!
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I would try to get her to the vet as well, maybe get some hairball remedy into her. She may be blocked.
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Lynx, the symptoms you're describing are serious, and you should take your cat to the vet right away. Not eating and drinking is enough of a reason to get her in ASAP. She will dehydrate which is life threatening, along with the fact that inappetance can cause liver disease. Make sure the vet does complete bloodwork.

As Meagan suggested, explain about financial problems AFTER you've gotten your kitty in to see the vet. What's most important now is to get her medical help. Please don't delay!
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Ohh good thoughts for you kiki!
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Your cat needed a feline specialist...yesterday!

Please see this article-

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Thanks guys,

The cat isn't mine, it's my sisters. I'm in a completely seperate city or I'd take the darned cat myself!!!
I'm just concerned and told my mother that I'd ask you guys what was up, if you had any advice (aside from the glaringly obvious, that this cat needs help!!!)

I'm very worried, and I'm sure my sister is too. She loves this cat more than anything so I'm sure she's going to find a way to fix her car ASAP so she can get that cat to the vet! I'm going to suggest that she email money to my mother (technology isn't it grand) so that she can get her there today.
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I'd also like to add that my sister will definitly pay whatever it costs to help her cat get better. About a year ago the same cat had pancreatis and the bill came to $1000 which she paid without batting an eye. My mothers inability to pay in the interim is unfortunatly something she can't get around. I'm going to tell her to work out an arangment with the vet.
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How frustrating it is not to be able to act on this yourself. Since your Mother and sister have problems with transportation, is there a neighbour who can help out? Do they have money for a taxi? I am sure the vet will be willing to work out some payment arrangements- mine always have been. Bear had pancreatitis over a year ago and had many of the same symptoms - it could be a return of the pancreatitis. The priority should be on getting the cat back to the vet as soon as possible and not waiting for the car's transmission to be repaired. If there are any other avenues they can use, I hope they do. I hope the cat is ok and will soon be feeling much better.

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I agree with Kathryn's suggestion of a taxi, or a neighbor who can get this kitty to the vet ASAP. In the meantime, please tell your mom that the cat needs hydration, which means she's got to get water into her via a dropper or syringe. The cat will not last long without water and since she's already had problems with pancreatitis, it could be flaring up again as well. Dehydration alone is enough to make her feel miserable.

I understand your frustration, Lynx, but please just keep impressing upon your mom and sister that they really need to "pull out all the stops" on this and get kitty in immediately.
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There are also cat sitters that offer services as pet taxi's as well- If you go to www.meowhoo.com and look under Specialized Pet Services/Cat Sitters perhaps you will find one in their neck of the woods-
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I just wanted to give you guys an update. My sister got home later that day. Apparently with her return came Sasha's remarkable recovery. She started eating, drinking, moving, meowing, etc the second mommy came home. Maybe a combination of the medicine kicking in and mommy's love? This cat has a history of nervousness and high stress, so that may well be it. Thanks for your concern and advice everyone.
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