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oh yeah! Hera.. I guess im grounded.. in Christ! oh yeah baby! except the fact that her husband was a man whore. I of course, would have given old Zeus the boot, got his kingdom because im his wife and had many kids for him (lawyers man! hahhaaaha) and then have a nice new hot husband to love me!

hahaha could you just see that people?! hahaha hyper...
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Hestia, who's acutally the Goddess of the Hearth. Yes, I like being home.
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Chris, aren't you in the legal field?
Nope - I'm an evil mortgage banker.
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I'm Hestia too!
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Cool, and true! I am Hestia, who never married. She took care of others and did not want anyone to go unloved, etc.
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I'm Aphrodite.
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Oops, Chris, got you confused with the other folks in suits.
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I'm Hestia.
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hehe...I did this one too.
I guess If a boy can be a goddess, I was Hera LOL
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Im Aphrodite too
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im.... Aphrodite... i knew that though!
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I'm Aphrodite too!
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I'm Hestia too.
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And I am ...

Like there was a question.

You gentlemen or Tom-Cats can go to if you wish to be gender correct.
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I am Athena.

And I'm cranky.

So I'm a cranky Athena.

But tomorrow, I'll be Hestia or Aphrodite. Or Hera. HAH! I rule the world, I can be anything I want. So there. Nyah.

(Can someone bring me some chocolate please? I'm really cranky, and shouldn't be in public right now.....)

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Well seeing as this was for Goddesses...

I answered the questions as best as best I could for that gender...

I ended up being Artemis

I then noticed that there was a more appropriate God test, and took that one.

Tied for Apollo and Ares I think Apollo is a better fit though.

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I'm Aphrodite!
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Hestia here too.
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