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The vet mentioned FIP as a possibility on Friday and when I asked about the others he said the chance was very small that they would get it (if that is what it is). They will now have been exposed so I am not sure vaccination would be helpful anyway.

Persil is now lying on her warm cushion. She did not get up to greet me and the others this morning. I managed to get 300cc of milk and water into her, and I will give her some 'cat food soup' next hour. At least I can keep her comfortable till we see the vet tomorrow.
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I am so sorry I'll be thinking of you both tomorrow, and hoping that perhaps it is not FIP.
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I am so sorry I really hope she recovers fully and it isn't FIP. My heart breaks for you and her.
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I saw this link about FIP:
Hopefully it is not!
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Thank you. I saw that one too. It just makes me more scared for my other two. Persil is holding on, but her breathing rate has increased again today to 80 per minute, and I am not sure but I think her backlegs are wobbly - all symptoms of FIP.
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Oooh poor Persil... she's lucky to have you taking such great care of her, though I'm so sad to hear that she's still not doing well, and that it appears to be FIP... I'll be praying that it's not (is it too late to hope for a Christmas miracle?) and please, let us know what happens!
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Persil and I are back from the vet's. He is still not sure if it is FIP and we have to go on Wed to the big surgery across town for Xrays and other tests. For the moment she is a little better - she is not eating but sniffed at the bowl this morning. And she jumped on my bed and asked for petting - that is the first time she has wanted to be touched for a week. I was beginning to think she saw me as a person who simply poked plastic tubes in her mouth and held her while she got jabbed in the behind. I gave her 50ml of warm milk before going to the vet and 40ml of chicken liver soup afterwards, and she seemed to enjoy that. She is no longer dehydrated - I have been pumping fluids into her all weekend. But her breathing is still shallow and fast. So I guess it all hangs on whether she has FIP - if not maybe we are in there with a chance. I am supposed to go to the UK next week for five days for my sister's silver wedding celebrations, but I am waiting to get a ticket till I see how things turn out here.
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Dear Jenny ,

Unfortunately, I know very little of FIP. However, I do know what it is to feel like we are constantly force feeding, giving meds, and jabbing our sweet babies with thermometers I feel for you and Persil so deeply .

I was very relieved to hear that she ate and kept it down. That is very, very good. I know the "waiting for a diagnosis" can be beyond frustrating, but in the meantime, just try and stay as calm & hopeful as you can. I know that's easier said than done

Please remember that we are all here for you 100%.
When I read that she jumped to you wanting attention, my heart brightened. That is, along with her eating something, a wonderful sign It made me feel real good to read that.

Try and keep everything in the day. Today is all any of us really have. So, in this moment, you and Persil are together . You two are sharing yet another day of precious memories. That is something to hold on to...
Thinking about all of you... Love you so much..

" Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and Today is a Gift..That is why we call it The Present "

Love Always, Lauren
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I am so sorry about your baby. I hope it isn't what you suspect. I honestly do not know much about it. I've been lucky with my cats. All that I've dealt with thus far is earmites, worms, and a false pregnancy. As well as fostering kittens, and just living with 4 cats.

It doesn't matter how many you have, or if you have a favorite cat or not, it hurts the same when one is sick. Your Persil is so beautiful. I feel so bad that I didn't catch the thread sooner. I am thinking of you, and so hoping that she will kick this, and it's not fatal. She is so cute.
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I've been afraid to look at this thread all day - I didn't want to hear that the vet had diagnosed FIP. You and Persil are both very much in my thoughts.
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Jenny, somehow I've managed to miss this thread until now. I'm so sorry to hear that Persil is not well - I really hope she gets better soon. She certainly seems to have a fighting spirit - let's hope that carries her through.

I'll be keeping you and Persil in my thoughts - hoping that she recovers soon.
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Dear Jenny & Persil ..

I am still pulling for you, babe.. You are in my thoughts

Sending my love and best wishes

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Jenny, you and Persil are in my thoughts and prayers for good news on Friday.
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