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Your precious Percil is in my thoughts and prayers. What a sweet little baby! God bless her!
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Back from the vet, and he is cautiously optimistic, though still must see her daily. Her breathing rate is 60 this morning, and her whole body is not heaving when she breathes any more. She didn't want to lie down last night, but I woke up in the night and she was lying stretched out next to me, so that is a good sign. And she ate a few mouthfuls on her own, as well as enjoying three syringe fulls of 'kitty soup'. The vet gave her some subcutaneous glucose and saline, and another antibiotic coktail, but says she is not as dehydrated as she was. She is more aware too, and while not wanting to play with the cat dancer she sat and watched Ellie with interest. She is now sitting on my desk looking out the window at the snow. So maybe she has turned the corner. I will not get complacent though - I wish the weather were better as I hate taking her in the carrier, even with a towel over it. I can't park near the vet and I have a ten minute walk with her from the nearest car park. Thank you all for your support- it really helps.
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Oh I hope she has turned the cornor for you she's such a sweet baby. And just as you are alway's supportive, that's what we want for you, and my and prayers are with you and your baby
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That's good news - I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed. One of my classes consists almost entirely of cat lovers, and I told them about Persil (they loved the name, too), so they've promised to pray for her.
One thing I was wondering - Do you have central heating, or do you heat with wood-burning stoves or the like? It's been so cold that everybody is heating as much as possible, and some people/pets have respiratory problems due to the smoke and lack of humidity.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson
she was lying stretched out next to me, so that is a good sign. I wish the weather were better as I hate taking her in the carrier, even with a towel over it. I can't park near the vet and I have a ten minute walk with her from the nearest car park. Thank you all for your support- it really helps.
Thank God!
Originally Posted by jennyranson
I wish the weather were better as I hate taking her in the carrier, even with a towel over it. I can't park near the vet and I have a ten minute walk with her from the nearest car park. Thank you all for your support- it really helps.
Just an idea - If you don't have one of those bean bags that you heat up in the microwave, try heating a bag of dry rice, beans or peas to the temperature you want. You may need to transfer it into a heavy duty ziplock first so it doesn't come through the plastic. Then, just cover with a towel and put in the carrier with her. It might help for a little while.
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Thanks for the suggestion. She ate a small bit of boiled chicken tonight on her own and seemed to enjoy some IAMS 'soup and some egg-in-milk by syringe. She is still not playing though, and likes to sit on her cushion under the radiator. And yes, I do have central heating, added to which my house in on a hill in a side valley away from city pollution. Not that there is any industry in Sarajevo anyway though there is car pollution.

I can't think where this has come from, nor can the vet, though he says she may have been incubating it since I got her, two months ago. I was afrais at one point that it might be after-effects from the motor oil she was covered in when I found her, but I do not think that would take so long to show.

For your amusement, here she is, having a first bath to remove the oil:

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Jenny - i'm glad Persil seems to have turned a corner.
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Good to hear Persil is getting better! Still sending over good get well vibes!
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Today's update is that the vet thinks she only needs a couple more daily visits, and he is pleased with her progress. Her appetite is coming back and she ate some chicken and then grabbed the end of my fast-food burek ( a kind of mincemeat roll in pastry)! Not good for her in normal circumstances but I am glad to see her eat anything. Her breathing is slowing down a bit but her lungs still hurt - she can't get really comfortable lying down. But all in all I am happy that she seems to be over the worst.
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That is wonderful news Jenny and I hope it gets even more wonderful.
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SAdly, the news is not good today. Her breathing rate has increased again, though she is eating a little on her own. The vet is very worried that she has not improved faster, and let me listen to her lungs - there is a very nasty rasping noise. He is trying a different drug, and gave her more fluids. So it looks as though tomorrow and Christmas morning we will be off to the vet again. Now I am thankful that Christmas is not a holiday here - and that I was not planning to go away.
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Come on Persil! Please get better!
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As those of you who are following my other thread know, my Persil is really sick with lung congestion, but has no other URI symptoms. Her breathing rate as a result is well over 60 per minute, and her lungs sound bad. She has lost her appetite and I am syringe feeding her. The vet is a bit baffled, but has no ultrasound to really check out what is happening. I wanted to post under a different title to catch the attention of anyone who may know something.

When I found Persil in early October she was covered in motor/diesel oil, and I had to wash it all off her over a week or so. If she ingested any oil, could there be long term effects on her lungs?

The other question is about genetic lung disease. The vet is now saying that maybe it is a genetic problem. Do cats have any diseases that could cause these symptoms?

Please help if you can - I am so frightened for her.
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Aw, I found your other thread today and had no idea Persil was ill - I had to find this thread to figure out what was going on. Poor little girl, she has the sweetest, most sorrowful eyes and it makes me sad that she's not doing so well. Both her and you are in my prayers... please, continue to update us on her progress.
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My eyes are swimming with tears as I read this. Heavenly Father please help Persil come through this soon. She has been through so much and deserves to be better. My heart is aching for you and Persil. My most fervent prayers are going your way. Please keep us posted.
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I wish so much that I knew something. I am sending more prayers for little Persil. I look at her picture and just LOVE her.
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
I wish so much that I knew something. I am sending more prayers for little Persil. I look at her picture and just LOVE her.
I Soooooo agree with you. She has the most beautiful face. I was smitten from the first time I saw her picture. This kitty reached out and grabbed my heart.
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Thanks guys. Yesterday I was optimistic, today I don't know anymore. But she is accepting food ( a glop of egg yolk, goat's milk and liquidised IAMS kitten food) from a syringe, 40 mls four times a day. I am also giving her straight milk, and water, and she is getting subcutaneous fluids daily at the vet. I think all we can do is keep up her strength. But I wish I knew what it is, and she looks so sorry for herself. She likes to sit all day on a high cushion under the radiator but usually creeps onto my bed in the middle of the night. She is not too happy about being touched, and I think that is because she hurts. But she lets Ellie groom her, and seems to enjoy it. Now that I am syringe feeding her again I took her out of isolation - it seemed too cruel to keep her alone, and I can't be here 24 hours a day, though I have been coming home every lunch time.
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To Persil,
Sweet baby, just keep fighting and I will keep praying.
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I wish I could help you so much I am glad to hear that the city is not shut down for holidays so she can see the vet. It must be agonizing to have a good day, then a bad one.
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The vet today told me the prognosis is not good, but we will keep fighting. He is sure she has a either a viral lung disease or a genetic problem in the lungs, and can only keep giving her the antibiotics, with fluids and vitamins, to keep her as strong as possible and ward off secondary infection. And I must feed her as much as possible, every three hours he says, with 'kitty soup' of egg, milk, chicken and other nutrients, as well as lots of water. He will Xray her next week to rule out a mass in the lungs. Her heart is strong which is good. I am now at home for four days, so I can devote myself totally to her, and let us pray she improves.
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Jenny, I am so sorry .. My heart is with you and Persil.. No one deserves this pain.. Please let us know how You and Persil are doing...

I know how difficult it is to stay positive, but please know we are all praying for you and your baby..

Sending all my love and best wishes to you...
Please remember, you always have someone to lean on

Love Lauren
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My goodness what trials you have been going through for Persil. I would keep giving fluids so she remains hydrated. Keeping both of you in my thoughts.
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Oh bless you and I hope all turns out ok, I'll be thinking of you and sweet Persl
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Jenny - you are a great Meowmy! Persil couldn't ask for a better one
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I don't know - I feel helpless as we can't actually fight the real cause of this, only alleviate the symptoms and keep her strong to fight it herself. I woke at 6 AM, with Dushka and Ellie on each side of me, but no Persil, which immediately terrified me. So I went downstairs and she was stretched out under the radiator on her favourite cushion. I warmed some milk and got 20 ml down her. She was uninterested in real food this morning, even the chicken livers I poached as a Christmas treat for them. So I made chicken liver soup and she has had a steady diet of that all morning, along with milk and water. She is certainly no worse than yesterday, but no better either, though she did watch the others play fighting with interest from her cushion. Ellie is taking great care to groom her regularly, which helps me as I can't avoid getting soup, egg and milk on her from the syringe. Or maybe Ellie just likes the taste - she is the greediest of my three!
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Persil is much worse tonight and I can't get near a vet till Monday. I have been reading all I can on the web all day and I am now sure she has FIP, she has all the symptoms of the non-effusive variety, which is always fatal, according to all I can find. According to the online experts, it is rare for cats over 2 years to get it, but I am now terrified for Dushka and Ellie ( 2yrs 3 months and 8 months). They have both had their normal shots of course, but not for FIP as it is not on the recomended list here, and according to the articles is not very effective anyway. My vet said that they did not need anything extra and would be all right, but I am out of my mind with grief and fear. Does anyone know of anything that can be done?
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Jenny I wanted to wish you, Persil, Dushka, and Ellie all the best this holiday season. My prayers are going out to Persil! *hugs*

I don’t know much about FIP, but this link has some really good information that you might be interested in reading.

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Thanks, I know, I read that one. Persil has all the symptoms except fever.
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Oh, Jenny, I really hope it's not FIP! Has the vet taken a look at her titer count (not that it proves anything)? Can he inoculate the other two at this point, just in case? The nasal drops aren't more than 60 -80% effective, and therefore not always recommended, but Jamie gets them every year, because we had an absolute epidemic of FIP in this area a few years back, and a smaller one two years ago (the "wet" variety). The local vets started to recommend it for any cats that went outdoors. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Persil.
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