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Not even my vodka is safe!

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I poured myself a drink before dinner, adding some vodka to a tall mug of papaya-pineapple nectar. Sipped from it as I did some work, then forgot about it while I went upstairs to fix dinner. Came back down and thought "Oh, yeah, I have a little of my drink left!" Well, guess what I found on the top of that mug. A nice long cat hair. The physical evidence! There is only one cat in this household who has hair that long. No DNA sample was required. Purdy was declared guilty.

That little rascal! I knew that I never dared to leave a mug of tea or water unattended. He'd drink them every time. But normally the boys really back up when I allow them to smell alcohol. He didn't drink any of it, I'm sure, as that particular mug was too tall and thin for his fat face, and there was only maybe one-fourth of the drink left in the bottom. But I'm just surprised that he even got his face that close to it.
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wow...that is real strange.....I always let the cats smell things...mostly because they wont leave me alone until i do...but once they smell it...they look at me like I was crazy to "Make" them smell something so vile....lol....but I have seen wierder things with cats......once we left a stick of butter on the table for bread as we were getting ready for dinner.....Mabby ate half of it in a 2 minute period....lol...(icky)
Did you confront Purdy with your evidence???....lol
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Purdy, the bartender!
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I'm surprised by that - but then again, cats have little ways of just letting you know they're not all that predictable. My neighbours used to leave orange slices in their garden to stop my Sprocket getting in and digging it up - you know how cats HATE the smell of them. Well I'll be darned if the little toad didn't get in and EAT the oranges!! Much to my neighbours annoyance, of course! They tried to complain about him to the Housing Association - but the housing officers basically told them that cats aren't like dogs... cats will go wherever they like and there's nothing you can do to really stop them. They even refused to take the cats away from me when the neighbours requested it, because the cat's weren't causing a disturbance to anybody else. My Housing officer likes cats. He likes cats a lot - he has 8 of them.... and he did everything I could to make sure I could keep mine! I owe him a lot!!
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well vodka isnt smellible!
My mums cat used to drink wisky and rum and vodka out of other peoples glasses when they came over..
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I've always been able to smell vodka so I'm doubly sure that a sensitive kitty nose could smell the alcohol...

My Trent has to smell everything I consume too. He doesn't like people food or drink, so after I give him a sniff and he gives me that "Are you seriously going to EAT/DRINK that??" look, he leaves me alone. Well, except for french fries. He will lick those.
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Glad to know I'm not the only one who has a cat who has to smell everything I eat. Samwise has to smell and wants to taste everything...

Gandalf on the other hand will try and drink whatever I'm drinking. One of these days, I'm going to get around and buy cups with lids on them so he'll keep away.
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Mine want to smell and sniff everything as well. I have always found it easier to give them a smell of something when I am eating - almost always they sniff and walk away as if to say 'well, if YOU think that is good . . . '. Interestingly, none of them are mooches either - they know they aren't missing out on something and leave us alone.

Fortunately, none of them have every shown any interest in alcohol or wine:-), although cold tea is not safe. Freija always wants to taste with her paws as well, so she definitely doesn't get to share! hehehe
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Fred would be a big lush if I would let him. He loves White Russians, and will climb all over me to get to them. I left one sitting unattended once, and he drank about a double. He leaned up against the couch and burped for about 2 hours, then laid down in the same spot and fell alseep. He didn't get out of bed much the next day, I think he may have had a hangover.
I don't drink very often any more, but I had to change my drink of choice. He won't drink anything with juice in it.
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Half a stick of butter? ICK! But cats and dogs don't seem to care.
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I have to mind my p's and q's with Ghibli around.. after the soup fiasco, he desided cherry kool aid was a great idea (at least it was with splenda, but still I didn't let him have any..)

the last thing I need is a white kitten with a pink moustache.
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