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Information Update on Charlie the Three Legged Teenager

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Some of you may remember that I had a thread going on Charlie the Three Legged Teenage cat so this an update.

Charlie, a tuxedo tabby with orange / white fur. He has a white nose with a little orange spot under his nose that reminds us of Charlie Chaplin... hence the name Charlie. We met at "Angels with Paws" a cat rescue organization here in Colorado. His left rear leg had just been amputated because his previous IDIOT owner tied him up and used the leg to tie him. Charlie bonded with all three of us and convinced us that he was a new master entitled to our slavehood. Life with 4 other cats, all older by at least 6 years. Oldest is Tigger, about 15 years and very cranky with other cats. Tigger has been diagnosed with kidney disease just two months ago but is doing well, all things considered.

Three cats who are all brothers and the same age (6) and a 15 yr old crabby cat who does not play well with others.

That's the situation:

Now for the update:

Charlie likes to lay curled up in the sink of the guest bathroom. That is also where Shadow and Tigger like to get their drink of water. Tigger will stick his head or paw under the water and drink the water cascading off his leg or off his nose. (never have figured out why he likes it that way) Shadow will take dainty drinks from the stream of water with his head bent sideways. Shadow does NOT like to get wet.

"If" Charlie has gotten to the sink first, he will curl up in the sink and let the water run down his back and drink. Than he'll just wait.... curled up in the sink while water runs down his back. He even went to sleep like this.....

Shadow and Tigger are walking around the sink, MEOWING and telling him that it's their turn to drink. Charlie ignores all protestations that the sink is a communal thing.... I'm here... It's mine and you'll not get it till I"M DONE. Go away.....

In the meantime, Laptop, who will only drink from the masterbedroom sink, has gotten his fill and is "lounging" by the kitty TV. (the window where a birdbath and bird feeder is just outside the window and birds/squizzles eat)

I have pictures and will someday get them posted... but that's the latest on our obnoxious teenager.
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Very cute story Felton! Charlie sounds like quite a character.

BTW, Comere does EXACTLY the same thing as Tigger. sticks his whole head under the faucet and drinks the water as it cascades down his face & nose. He even sometimes plays with the drops after his done drinking -- as little droplets fall, he tries to catch them with his paw.
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That's amazing! Never thought a cat would enjoy water running down his back.
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Thank you for your update on your sweet Charlie!I am still absolutely appalled by the manner in which he lost is leg!How wonderful that everyone is getting along so well!Wonder what your babies would think of a Drinkwell Fountain?
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Oh, I love that story............my Tigger likes to drink out of the faucet too.......
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Thanks for sharing your story! How horrible about his leg Do you know if that owner got in trouble? There are a lot of sick people in this world
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Originally Posted by captiva
Thanks for sharing your story! How horrible about his leg Do you know if that owner got in trouble? There are a lot of sick people in this world
Well done Charly, Cheers!!!!
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Another update:

Charlie is about 14 pounds of three legged cat... all muscle and such. No fat (yet) and still an obnoxious teenager cat.

He was watching kitty TV this afternoon, when our next door neighbor cat walked along the railing of the deck. Erin's cat sauntered up to the bird feeder and the bird bath. Checked out the water and seed.... and walked to the end and back to the other end of the deck. Full sized deck that goes the entire length of the house. 80 feet or something like that.

Charlie starts nattering.... and Nancy remarks that it's the softest natter of ALL five cats. He has the LOUDEST purr of our masters though. I can't hear it... but I see him hoping from window to window.... three windows going east, west and south with south being the longest expanse of window in the house. He watches the cat loiter and continue walking..... all the time he natters.

Tigger comes running in... jumps up and than stretches for a LONG time and than plops down to sun himself and nap. Charlie takes some askance at this ignoring of Erin's cat... and complains. One eye opens.... looks at Charlie and than closes. Go away... I'm taking a nap.

Charlie jumps down and comes over to the cat chair (carpet surrounds three sides and covers most of the space in front but a opening is there.... perfect cat hide....
and carpet is stretched from arm to arm so a space is below the hammock AND hammock to lounge/sleep/use as a scratching post....

Charlie jumps up and lays down to observe the kitty tv in comfort....
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Charlie has learned that he like to sit/lay on my shoulders and he wants to do so while I'm standing, sitting or in the bathroom or on the bed. Not a big deal but he uses his little claws to climb (gee wonder why) and than "kneads" with them while relaxing.

LOUD purr right now... and a very soft meow when he meows. Can't figure that out yet
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Awwww... can't wait to see a photo af Charlie and the gang!
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We have pictures of 4 of our masters. Tigger we'll just wait till he's in a good "I'm ready to have my picture taken" mood. Hmmm where would I post them.
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