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help needed

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I have an older cat(14), he has earmites. I cannot use the medicine to treat him because he has scratched his ear & left a bloody spot. Does anyone have a home remedy that I could use to sooth his ear? I am so afraid I will hurt him trying to help. Is there anything I can put in his ear to help remove some of the debris until I can properly treat him?
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The best thing you can do is bring him to the vet and have them take care of it...When my Emmet was little he had earmites and he scratched at them till i thought his ear would come off...at first we tried the medicine...but it only works for a little while.....Bring him to the vet and they will take care of it permenetly...they can also check for any infection in the open wound.....
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This question is best put in the care and grooming or health section, but I'm sure a moderator will be placing it there shortly. the only advice I can give is to take the cat to the vet for treatment. be aware that earmites left untreated will cause the ears to deform and get brittle. i hope someone can give you a remedy though, until you get to the vet. Sorry I can't be of more help!
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I got the medicine from my vet on Monday. His ears are so sore looking I dont want to use it yet. It will burn the heck out of him. Can I use pure aloe? I have a plant at home I use for myself & my dogs.
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Poor baby. Have you notified your Vet how sore your kitty's ear is?
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I went through that with my cat have had him for 10 year, he had what I thought were mite, it was like black stuff coming out his ear. I would call the vet and have him checked. It could be an infection. Hope this helps and I will be thinking of your cat. Let me know what happens.
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yes, I can bring him in tomorrow. I just was wanting something for tomight to keep him from further damaging his ear. He is so sore,& then he scratches & cries cuz he is hurting himself. Very frustrating.He is an old man.
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thanks. He has black yucky stuff coming out too. I wiped as carefully as I could with cotton balls & sterile water with mineral oil.
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I'm so thankful you're taking your baby in to the Vet tomorrow! You're so smart! Have you ever seen the collars that look like a lamp shade that are used to protect a kitty from scratching his ears or face or from licking other parts of his body? Would he allow you to bandage his ears in any way to protect them? I know this much be so painful to you to see your baby not feeling well.
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I wouldn't suggest your put anything on his ears or in his ears until you have consulted a vet. What I would do is trim his claws taking off just the bare tip so when he does scratch he doesn't do that much damage. But please call your vet and ask him what to do, what to use. The medicine shouldn't burn if it is put deep, but he will scratch and shake his head and probably start the bleeding all over again.

I will move you to health-
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Ask your vet if you can use Revolution to treat your cats mites. One topical application over the shoulders! That should get rid of the mites and protect your cat from fleas for one month. With the mites out of the way you and your vet can then work on getting kitties ears cleaned up.
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What is the medication you have from your vet's?
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