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Who else is stressed waiting for x-mas shipments?

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Okay, I did a LOT of my x-mas shopping online this year... more so than usual. Probably almost 90% was ordered online.

Most of the stuff I ordered I did weeks ago. I've also been sick with a sinus infection I just can't shake, and I've been shopping online in dribs and drabs, avoiding going out to the mall.

Unfortunately, as time has ticked away, I've ordered some stuff as recently as a few days ago, yesterday, and even today! YES I'm cutting it close!

Anyone else a little stressed at the prospect of not getting their shipments in time for x-mas?

ps. I'm going to have to give my UPS a nice gift this year!!
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Well, the one thing I ordered online is backordered, so I already know that won't be here on time. Oh well, I'll make an interesting *something* for him to open anyway. (And I REALLY hope he doesn't read this post because he WILL know what it is!)

Actually I'm more worried about my packages making it to their destinations on time! I'm madly finishing a project that I'm hoping I can get mailed out Saturday, and hoping it will still get there in time!
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Did you hear about the fire at the Chicago UPS shipping center? There are a few areas that won't get their packages. I wish I could remember which areas!
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Jan: Okay, I read you reply and was a little, shall we say, panicked! LOL I looked it up on google news...

The company estimated fewer than 2,000 packages were damaged or destroyed, most of them bound for Denver, New Jersey and DeKalb, Ill.
so *phew*! but I will keep a close eye on my packages via tracking numbers

Heidi: good luck to you! Luckily, I don't have anything to ship out myself... I'm already late getting my cards out (haven't mailed them yet!) -- back-ordered stuff is a disappointment though. I had a hard time finding a Nintendo DS for my daughter and ended up having to ebay for one since all the major retailers were out of stock.
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I'm still waiting for a few items, but I know it was my own fault for ordering them too late!
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We ordered our last gifts online yesterday (gulp) but we had shipping options that I think will get everything there on time...many places had today, the 17th as the last day for standard ups shipping to reach recipients on time.

So far, items I've ordered earlier have arrived ahead of schedule
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Yeah, I took the 2-day option on the item I ordered today just to be on the safe side. A couple of other things I ordered this week I did by standard UPS ground. Scary thing about that is hoping that they ship right away.
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Well im still trying to find a place that has some of the new Playstation2 slims in stock, so I probably won't be able to get them by christmas I also heard sony might be doing a recall on them, so maybe it's for the better. Other than that, I'm set

Ps. It's too late here! I need some sleep.

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No, I didn't order anything online this year, but one of these years I'm going too. The stores and their crowdes drive me nuts!
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I sent a box of presents to my dad on Monday or Tuesday, and today I really need to ship my present to my friend. We also ordered cat trees for the babies for christmas, one is estimated to get here on the 22nd, thankfully the cats don't know what day Christmas is!
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The past few years I've done ALL my shopping online, but somehow I don't learn and I wait until the last minute to order some things. One year I was still sweating on Christmas Eve, waiting for Dad's gift to come--I had it shipped to my office, and my dad was calling me every ten minutes like, "when are you coming home from work? I thought you were coming home early? You promised you would help get ready for the holiday!" I had to keep telling him I was just finishing something up...for three hours.

This year I don't think I'll be THAT bad off as I have had e-mails from most of the places I ordered from saying my stuff has shipped. But I suspect the kitties won't be getting the toys I ordered them until after Christmas (What a bad mommy I am --but I'm sure they'll forgive me).
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Hope your items get you on time
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I ordered everything before the end of November, and all but one item has arrived at its final destination. That one item is half of my husband's gift - a concert DVD that I pre-ordered - and I got an email from Amazon today telling me that it probably won't be delivered for another 3 - 5 weeks. Oh, well. At least I have the other DVD for him.
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