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Stray kitten

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My friend's fiancee just called me and said that she had caught a stray kitten that's in her apartment complex. Knowing that I'm still waiting my 2nd kitten to heal up at the shelter, she asked if I would be interested in this kitten. I won't be able to see this kitten until tomorrow evening, however, I was told she has a bit of a limp, looks to be fairly young, skinny, etc...

I was told that the cat is eating and all, but the kitten definitely needs to see a vet. Unfortunately, unless there are programs available, I can't afford to take in a stray right now and provide it with all the necessary medical treatment that it would probably need (shots, exam, apparently the kitty's leg, etc...).

I told her that we can take the kitten to the shelter where I adopted Dakota from, but I feel kinda bad rejecting this kitten because I'm waiting on another kitten. I suppose I could work with the shelter and foster the kitten until it's back up to health. Are there any other programs or items I could be overlooking?
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Did you see this group??

They could probably help you with getting the kitten spayed or neutered:


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Thanks for the link. My friend took the cat to the vet and she said the vet would do a check up and take it a local shelter. I certainly hope that the little guy gets a nice new home for xmas.

A little bit of background on the kitten. It was with its mother, and the mother took off, however the kitten went up to my friend and her roommate. She said it had a lot of fur, but they could feel the ribs, spine, etc... she has 2 cats, so she knows this little one was definitely malnourished. She said the kitten was very affectionate, had one heck of a purring motor, just the slight limp.

She fed it some tuna last night and some more this morning. She told me that she could not get the tuna out of the can fast enough for the kitten.

Once this kitten recoups, I'm sure she'll/he'll make a fine pet for someone.
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