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Gift Ideas

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I know, I'm such a pest - but I need help. This time it's different.

I bought my boyfriend a cologne for Christmas, I know he likes it and I also know he does NOT like the bottle. It's disturbing, to say the least.

I'm thinking of putting the cologne in a different bottle, but how would I do that? Where would I find a good bottle and how would I get the cologne from one to the next, just spritz it?

Second... I used up my good present idea for my boyfriend's parents (candles) for their housewarming present. So now I need a Christmas gift. The only thing I can think of is a gift card to their favorite restaurant (which I know) but isn't that a bit lame? Hey here's $25, you kids have fun!?

Oh and if anyone is a fan of the show The O.C., please PM me... I missed the last episode and I'm a bit upset about what I've missed!

Thanks for your help guys!
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If they like watching movies you can get them a gift card to a movie rental place, a bag of poppable popcorn, some of their favorite candies, and some drinks to go along with it. Or a gift card for a movie theatre and gift card to their restaraunt and they can have a night out together, which they would enjoy and not find lame.
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How about a nice bottle of wine, or if they don't drink alcoholic beverages, how about a basket of homemade cookies/candys?
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Dinner and a movie sounds like a great idea for them!

You can get empty perfume bottles and such at trinket stores like Hallmark, Card and Gift Gallery, I've seen some at Petals and Vines as well but I've never seen a manly man bottle or any clue as to how to get it out of one bottle into another
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I know they have a wine rack at their new house but I have no idea which wine... not really a wine expert... I guess I could ask my boyfriend...

As for the bottles... I've never heard of half those stories Abby7625, well except for Hallmark. I know that at Sephora they sell little funnels, but still... I don't get how you use them? Spray? The bottle doesn't open up, I've tried!
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Is it the bottle itself that is disturbing or the image on it? You can paint over the bottle or make a new lable on your computer with maybe a picture of the both of you on it... If the shape of the bottle is the problem try to do a little paper mache to change the shape. Good luck!
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Oh the bottle itself is disturbing. It's basically a male body with a bulge... down there. If anyone is interested, it's Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier, it's a fabulous scent, but the bottle leaves something to be desired!

Not really sure about the paper mache... a) don't know how to do it and b) not sure how it would really work... wouldn't want the end result to accidentally get in the way of it actually being used!
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For bottles... you could try a craft store like Joanns or Michaels -- they often has bottles and glass containers (though lids are sometimes hard to find).

I'm not sure how you would get the perfume out of the old into the new. I'm sure there's a way to take the spray top off, no?
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'Use these mini funnels for filling perfume bottles, transferring toiletries and household products into smaller containers.'

Good luck!
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Thanks for the link - I'll check em out. Still not sure how to open the bottle, maybe it takes muscle?
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How about Muji? They sell all sorts of bottles and things! (also pipettes and funnels to transfer it!) You might even be able to find something for your boyfriend's parents there?! Lots of beautiful things for the home and the prices vary a lot, so you can get a variety of things?

I'm not sure how you open that bottle, but maybe if you remove the spray bit, then it might come out???!!
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I personally think gift cards are terriific ideas....that way the person your giving them too can pick out something they like, not something you "think" they'll like.
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You could buy a really nice vase and then arrange some seasonal flowers in it.
Depending on their decors and taste you could get a very funky vase and put a bunch of marbles or fancy stones in the bottom and give them some nice bamboo.
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Hmm, I think she likes flowers... her taste is very Texan, if that makes any sense.

It's funny how her taste and my mother's taste are very unique, very cultural... and very unlike me!
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AS for the cologne depending on the size you can put a barbie dress on it
Or make a little skirt to cover its buldge
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Originally Posted by fwan
AS for the cologne depending on the size you can put a barbie dress on it
Or make a little skirt to cover its buldge
I'm not sure a little skirt/dress would help my boyfriend feel any more manly about using it! Lol!

That's too funny though!
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Originally Posted by pinkdaisy226
I know they have a wine rack at their new house but I have no idea which wine... not really a wine expert... I guess I could ask my boyfriend...

If you want to knock their socks off, get a bottle of Rosemont Shiraz (beautiful red wine) and another is Wolf Blass Yellow Label. These are exceptional wines and not terribly expensive.
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