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How many people . . .

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How many people here know each other offline in real life?

It seems like sometimes I see threads on boards here and I feel like I've come in, in the middle of a conversation. And I can't find anything that seems even remotely connected. So I'm thinking, there must be a bunch of people who see each other, and what goes on here is just an extension of their friendship.

And I got to wondering if it's a lot of people, or just a few people but they post a lot, or what . . . No judgement implied, just curious.
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Well Sunlion,

I don't know anybody on here in person. I think it is amazing how some of the people on here know each other! Like Kittyfoot in Canada and Meme in Louisiana. Then there are the Connecticut members who seem to know one another. I think some people haven't met but they talk on the phone though from what I pick up on some of the threads. There are not many of us Texas people on here and with Texas being such a large state it would be hard to meet one another. This may sound wierd but I think I would actually be more excited to meet other members pets - I love people but I just can't resist pets! I think it's because of the cuddling factor! I am not saying I wouldn't want to meet anyone but if I did I would have to meet their pets too!
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I know Rene, Sandie, Imagyne (Ken, Sandie's husband),Michelerad, and Tiggeytoes off line. I am very close to Air Princess, Hissy, Deb25 and ThreeleggedKat, all of whom I met on this site. All wonderful caring people.
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I don't know any of these nice people in person. Or by phone.

I live in NYC.... I would gladly meet any of you.....
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I know TipTop he's my boyfriend However, I'm very close to many members that I've met here at the site and have a wonderful relationship with them either on email and by phone

Love & Peace
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Interesting . . .

I suppose lots of people meet at cat shows, too?
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Yes Kittyfoot and I know each other in person. In fact we are very much in love. I flew up to visit him in June and then again in September. In fact I was there when the terrorist attacks happened. And I enjoyed meeting his wonderful cats...Tic and Tac. They are just adorable.

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Weel, I haven't been lucky enough to meet anyone in person yet. But, I have spoken to Donna by phone and hope to get to meet her soon. Everyone here is really nice, wouldn't it be so wonderful to all meet at like a "reunion" someday???? Just a thought.
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I don't think I know anyone here in person, unless someone I know signed up on the cat site without letting me know.

How many people here are from California?
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I have not had the opportunity to met anyone from this site in person - however, given the chance I would jump at it to meet some of the people from this site
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Nope, I don't know anyone personally!! I do have regular email conversations with a couple of people though! (mainly Billie ) but all are welcome to invade my inbox at any time!!
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I think I am the only person in Utah. I don't know anyone in person, though I will be happy to meet anyone. I do post alot of messages here. I talk alot.
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Well I don't really know anyone. I'm kind of new to this site and work long hours, so I don't have time to post much. But there are times when it seems everyone knows each other so well, so I don't add any comments, but everyone does seem very nice and helpful.
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I don't know anyone here. Other than to post and get to know people that way.
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