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Oh my, I am so sorry to hear your baby is back at the vet today and not doing well I will keep sending good health vibes her way.
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Hope she feels better soon. They will probably give her metoclopramide, Reglan, for the vomiting. It can be given as a shot to start with. Then you can give it at home by mouth. Keep us posted, I know this is very scary for you. Becky
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I hope she feels better soon! Sending healing thoughts her way, and calming thoughts for you, I know this is so tough
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Hang in there. I'm sure everything will turn out okay, eventually.
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Hey Everyone..

Thanks so much for all your kind words and healing thoughts

Becky, yes.. they did give her Reglan for the vomiting. The vet said that is Ani responds to it (in all hopes), then I will be administering that to her as well. On the other hand, if Ani does not respond to the Reglan, then this could be much more serious She didn't get into that detail on the phone. I will talk with her when I go to the vet later today.
I have no idea how I will get through this. In all honesty, I am not feeling well at all. As far as thinking positively, it's just so hard

She did x-rays and didn't find any obstruction. Seems that every test done so far is not explaining what is happening to my baby. I will be going back to the vet today at 5:30. There, I will have a chance to speak with the doctor and I can get a clearer idea of all options. Ani is still there now, and they're continuing to keep an eye on her. As much as I miss my favorite baby girl, I know that her Dr. is taking good care of her. I need the comfort that Ani is getting the best
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Ani is in the very best of hands, Lauren, and I know she will be ok. They are taking wonderful care of her, and you will get through this! Remember to be strong for your little girl, and for baby Skylar, too! We're right here with you the entire way!

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Thank you, Steph .. I really love the links that you sent me. The Candle Lighting is just beautiful. My heart hurts so much right now, that it's a bit hard to go through the site, but I think it's amazing

I am doing my best to stay strong for both my kids right now. I don't want Skylar to see me upset, so when I am with him, we just play and cuddle together. When i had to bring Ani back today, I tried my best to act as calm around her as I could. Considering what I was feeling inside, I think I did okay on the outside.

I can't help to think of Trent right now. Trent and Ani were born in the same litter. I don't know if that means anything ....
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I can see that's what's especially haunting you, Lauren.
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Hi Lauren,

Have they taken barium x-rays of Ani's abdomen and intestinal tract? Both Tristan and Lion at separate times developed very similar symptoms and both spent a few days at the vets. Tristan had an inflamed intestional tract - no blockages were found but the inflammation could be seen on the xrays. They did a barium series as well, and interestingly enough, as the barium made its way through his system, it seemed to coat and calm the intestional tract and helped in easing his digestive upset.

Lion's blood test showed elevated readings that indicated pancreatitis, and he was a very sick little kitty for a few days. I insisted on bringing him home after 4 days as all they were doing was keeping him quiet and monitoring his food and water, which I could do better at home. He hated the medication (I can hear him in my mind's ear saying "no way am I swallowing anything that tastes that bad!") but he had a steady and uneventful recovery, although the vet was peeved at me for letting him eat a fly that the chased! I was so happy to see him playing that he had caught and swallowed it before I could do anything about it!

I hope that Ani's problems resolve themselves quickly. The good news is that her bloodwork is fine, and the vet will certainly do their best to identify her problem and find the right course of treatment for her.

Hugs to you and Ani, and lots of good healing energy headed her way.

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Oh Lauren, you and Ani are in my thoughts - and I'm sorry I have just seen this thread.
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Just checking in for an update. Lots of folks are thinking of you this evening.
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Hey Everyone ...

Oh, thank you so much for all your loving thoughts. I am sorry I didn't get back here yesterday, but it's been tough.

Well, I went to the vet's office at 5 yesterday. I spoke to her a little while about what's going on with my girl. She did start her on the Reglan, and said she DID respond .. The vet showed me how to give
Ani her meds (which, unfortunately, I am awful at), and told me about various possibilites. All Ani's tests and x-rays are fine. Nothing was found
If Ani does not eat, or continues to vomit, further steps will need to be taken. A barium was not done, so I am assuming that would be one of the next steps.

As of now, I have just given Ani her Reglan. My baby girl does not appreciate being held down, and I just feel awful about it . All in all, it needs to be done. She is upstairs now, and I have left her food there. I am hoping, with all that I have, that she will eat.

After she eats, I have to give her her antibiotic. I am going to watch her today and really see how she's doing. I will admit, I am so scared. I just pray with all I have that she will start getting better.

I will write back very soon and let you in on her progress.. I am still a complete wreck at this point...

You all are so amazing. Thank you for being here with us..
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Okay.. I just had to come and tell you that Ani has eaten a little I am going to give her some time and see if she will eat a little more before I attempt the antibiotic.

This is my little girl, for those who haven't seen her

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oh Lauren & Ani - I have only just seen this post as I have been offline for the last couple of days

lots and lots of and to you both - our thoughts are with you at this time

please give her lots of love from her Aunty Dan and of course from Tipsy & Cedar

thinking of you both
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Ani, you're so gorgeous!You're such a good little girl eating for your Mommy!You're such a wonderful Mommy, Lauren, your baby will be back to her perfectly healthy self in no time at all!
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Oh, she is beautiful! I will put her on my prayer list. Our babies are so dear to us, and is is so scary cause they cannot tell us what is wrong!
Plese keep us updated!
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Wonderful Ani has eaten, taken her meds and there has been absolutely no vomiting since. All has been digested at this point

Now, for the other news.. Skylar's tail bandage came off .. I had to wrap it again because his vet is not in until tomorrow. I did an awful job at wrapping it, and I am just ..

However... The biggest and best news of all is that I really think Ani will be okay.. .. I am overjoyed right now.. Haha.. I think I need to get out of the house today
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Oh I am so pleased for you. What a relief it must be. This time, I am sure all will be well.
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Ani! Yes, some special time for Mommy is definately in order, Lauren!
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I really need to thank you all so much. You have been, once again, beyond supportive. I feel so blessed to have come across this site and meet such amazingly precious people

We are still doing well At this point, Ani has definitely digested her meds and food. She has eaten more than I had expected and I could not be happier I know that i haven't responded to all my pm's, and I do apologize. It has just been so hectic, as I know you all understand.

For now, I will be having my coffee, and letting myself breathe a little

From the bottom of my heart, Bless each and every one of you..

Love from all of us,
Lauren, Ani, and Skylar
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Don't feel bad about the tail bandage. I doubt that even the best bandager can keep a tail bandage on. Tails are notoriously hard to bandage. They need suspenders or something. Glad that Ani is feeling better, but you will probably need to keep up the Reglan until she gets over what ever is causing the nausea. Becky
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Originally Posted by AniSkyofTrent
We are still doing well At this point, Ani has definitely digested her meds and food. She has eaten more than I had expected and I could not be happier
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Great news!

I bet this is one time you are thrilled to clean out the litter box after she uses it!
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Just got up from sleepy time with Ani . What a pleasure to have her with me I tried to see if she wanted to eat, but I guess I will wail until tonight, give her the Reglan, and the try again.

Becky .. Will I get any clues from Ani that she doesn't need the Reglan anymore, or should I just continue the entire bottle either way? What if I tried leaving her hard food out, she eats some, and does not vomit? Wouldn't that show that she is not as nauseus anymore?
As far as the antibiotics, she will continue that for about a week. There is not much in there, so it will probably be done in about 10 days. The same time frame goes for the Reglan.
I just know that it's dangerous to stop antibiotics until they're finished, but I wasn't sure if the same thing went for Reglan?

As for Skylar's tail, I did try an e-collar but it just seemed so cruel. I know that vets do it all the time to keep the kitty from hurting the itchies, but I will just let her take care of it tomorrow. So far, he's doing fine. Playful as ever

Posted by Gemlady
I bet this is one time you are thrilled to clean out the litter box after she uses it!
You know it!
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Wonderful news!! I'm so happy for you and understand how overjoyed you must feel that your baby is feeling better. Ani is just beautiful!
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Oh thank you everyone.. we love you so much..

Okay, so Ani ate this morning with no vomiting at all. She has had her second dose of reglan and her antibiotic this evening. She hasn't eaten yet, but I am hoping she will get to it. Sometimes she eats in the middle of the night when no one is watching , but I love to come down and see her food missing Hoping for that to happen. However, I have given her some nutrical for an extra dose of nutrition. Also, she has taken all her meds for the day and there has been no vomiting at all. Today is the first day.

Thanks for checking in.. I will keep you all up to date on my baby's progress.

Tomorrow, I will be taking Skylar to his vet for his second set of shots He doesn't know that yet

Good Night Everyone.. Sweet Dreams
Love to all of you and your little ones
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Originally Posted by AniSkyofTrent
Tomorrow, I will be taking Skylar to his vet for his second set of shots He doesn't know that yet
We won't tell.
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Aw Lauren I've been online for tiny bits at a time this past weekend and I've always checked up on this thread... I'm glad to hear that Ani's doing better and I'm so sorry she scared you like she did! And have fun with Skylar and the V-E-T!
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Ani threw up again last night, and will not eat or take her antibiotic today

She is having a set back, and it's just not looking good . I will be making some calls today to different places to see who else I can talk to about her. I may be quite busy for a while, but I will do my best to let you guys know what happens..

I wish you all a wonderful and healthy holiday season...
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