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Ani's in the hospital

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I took my precious girl to the animal hospital last night, when I realized she was having major difficulty swallowing
She kept trying to eat her food, but it wouldn't go down without struggle. She would chew and then when it was time to swallow, she had to spit the food out. I tried soft food, which she did get down, but threw up shortly afterwards. Her meowing sounded hoarse, almost like a dry throat, and it enventually went silent. She would open her mouth as if to meow, but she couldn't get the sound out. I am terrified. I brought her in on an emergency basis and she is there now. Last update was that she was resting comfortably. All her other behaviors were "normal" for her, but it seemed that her throat or something in her mouth was causing pain
I am still waiting on all the test results. She is being given all necessary tests and is receiving fluids as to not dehydrate.
Skylar is getting over his respiratory infection. The doctor said that Ani could have caught it, and it manifested itself differently. Ani is 7 and Sky is 4 & 1/2 months.
I am scared. At this point, I just feel sick and cannot help but to feel extremely guilty. I didn't know Sky was sick when I brought him home. I would never do something like that. However, no matter how Ani contracted this, the point is she is sick. Now I just need to do my best to get through today. I will be speaking with the vet later on.
God, I love my Ani so much.. Please let her be okay.
At this point, I can't even type... I will write later. Thanks for listening..
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Hang in there, she's in good hands, and you got her in quickly. I hope she'll be back home with you soon, and that this is quickly resolved.
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Sending good and healing vibes to your sweet baby Ani.
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Oh no! This is so soon after Trent. I hope Ani gets better very soon. Do let us know how she does.
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Ani, Ani, Ani!
I hope it's nothing too serious.
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I hope that nothing seriously is wrong. Sending *Special Vibes* for her quick recovery.
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Oh Lauren, I am thinking of you and of dear Ani. You got her to the vet so quickly, surely they will be able to help her. Big for you. Please update us when you can.
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I am praying for Ani and for you. Stay strong.
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Oh no! Lots of healing vibes and prayers are on the way.
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Both you and Ani are in my thoughts. We all know that you never would have purposely brought in a possible pathogen. We know you love your babies! Please let us know when you have an update, and know that we're all thinking of you and sending good vibes. Never underestimate the power of this board and it's magic! I don't know if you saw Gypsy/Stinky's thread when she disappeared, but it proved to me what can be accomplished!
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Oh no, poor Ani! I'm glad you got her into the hospital when you noticed this and here's hoping that it's nothing serious, that she'll be better and back in your arms in no time! Do not blame yourself - you couldn't have known Skylar was sick and you've done the best you could. Both you and Ani will be in my thoughts - keep us updated!
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Said a prayer for Ani. I hope it's nothing serious. You're doing all you can right now and what a good mommy for noticing it quickly!
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Oh Lauren! Sending all of my positive and healthy energy to little Ani! Please let us know when you find out anything about her!!
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Thank you everyone for your support, prayers and compassion. I just spoke with the doctor, but they still know nothing. All I know is that she's "resting comfortably" and she's getting her IV and medications. She still is not making any noise, but they haven't seen any gagging. They took Ani's blood work today, so it doesn't come back till the morning. I just can't deal anymore. I am feeling sick and scared and sad... way too many feelings going on.
I feel like throwing my hands up in the air and just screaming I am not one to sit on the "pity pot" or wallow in the "why me's?", but I guess right now, it's on automatic. I try so hard to do the very best for my babies.
When I was little, I wanted nothing more to grow up and have a baby. Due to my past illness of anorexia (leading to osteoperosis), I am unable to carry children. My cats have become my children and that works for me. They mean more to me than anything in the world.
They are my heart and my soul, and I just can't express what my heart feels like right now. I am so sick over this.
Thank you so much for being here for me to talk to. I love all of you so much and it's a gift to have you in my life. Thank you..
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I understand completely. My cats are my babies, too. I am so so sorry that little Ani is sick.

I don't know if this helps but this is what my mom told me when Penelope was on death's door: you may want to collapse with grief right now but try and stay strong so you can be there for her. She knew what she was talking about because she had taken care of my father when he had cancer.

Anyway, you did the right thing taking her to the vet because they can diagnose the situation there and provide whatever emergency care is needed. You may have saved her life by taking her there as quickly as you did. So please take care of yourself tonight so you can be strong for your little girl tomorrow. Take a hot shower or bath, eat a little something, and go to sleep.

I'll be praying for you and for Ani.
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Lauren, more for you. I can understand your feelings. When my babies get sick I just about (or do) lose it. It just kills me inside to see them sick.

Will keep sending healing vibes to Ani.
Hope you hear some good news soon.
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Sending hugs, love, and get well wishes for Ani and for you too.

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Oh Lauren I am so sorry to hear this. I know she will come through this, she just has to. You are a wonderful cat mom and more then they can even ask for. I am here if you need to talk about anything. I will be thinking of you and Ani at this time.
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I imagine this is especially hard since it hasn't been too long ago that you lost Trent. Sending my best to you and Ani.
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Very best vibes for you and Ani. We scare ourselves silly when they are sick.
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Oh Lauren sweetie!. I can only imagine how upset you are because i would also be veside myself with worry if it were Rosie and Sophie

Ani is in the best possible hands now and i know your probably thinking of Trent but please dont think the same is going to happen to Ani

Sending you mega ((((calming vibes))))) along with ((((good healthy vibes)))) for little Anie

Hang in there sweetie and let us know asap. In the meantime cuddle with Skylar
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Oh, Lauren, sweetie, you know that I relate completely with your immense love for Ani and Sky and that Sierra is also my daughter, my everything! I'm so sorry precious Ani is not feeling well. She is receiving the very best of care, and I know she will be completely well in no time at all. This must be so very painful for you for her to not feel well and to be away from her Mommy, and you must miss her so much right now!You're so scared right now, and that's so natural for you to feel. You know just where I am, my friend. I am praying so hard for Ani!Love and snuggles to you, Ani, and Sky, from Sierra and me!
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Thank you all... You are all so wonderfully compassionate

It is 7 in the morning here. I have to wait until 9:30 to get information about my baby girl
I took something to help me fall asleep last night, or I just wouldn't be able to. I just wanted the night to end so I could talk to the vet today.
Of course, my head does go straight to all the "what if's?" but I am trying so desperately to stay in the moment. That is so hard to do and it's really not working too well.
Snowleop , thank you for saying all you did. That really touched me .
I know all of you do truly understand what this feels like. Even if you never had to suffer these feelings, I know how difficult it is to even think about it
I remember before Trent was sick. I had my babies for over 6 years and I thought I would have them forever. I never allowed my head to go to those scary places. In my heart, I just know that my baby girl will be okay. She's so strong and she always was. She was never sick before. My poor baby
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Oh, Lauren, I'm right there with you in my heart! I know Ani is going to be back to her perfectly healthy self very soon!

Love and healing to Ani and Lauren!
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My stomach is in knots. This is just awful. The vet can't even tell me anything until Ani's doctor comes in. The lab reults won't be in until a couple of hours, so they just keep telling me the same thing. My heart hurts so badly right now.
Skylar is still taking his medication, and I have to be strong when I am around him. He's so sweet and I really am grateful he is here. I know it's possible that something was brought back from the shelter. It just angers me so much that the shelter people didn't tell me about Sky's repiratory infection before I brought him home. I asked themn over and over about his health. That was of utmost importance. I would have known to keep Ani and him completely seperated. I also would have made sure he had all his necessary meds before bringing him back. I had originally brought him to Trent's vet, and she didn't diagnose him correctly. That's why his infection came back. When I brought him to the other vet, he got everything he needed to get rid of the infection. I will never bring Sky or Ani to Trent's vet again.
My head is just all over the place with this. All I hope is that I could bring my girl home today. I miss her too much. Please let her be okay...
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Lauren please don't beat yourself up over this sweetie!, it's just one of those things.

You havent got long to wait now and you know were all here to help you through the wait.

Stay strong like you say for Skylar because that baby needs you as much as you need him right now and thank am i pleased that you have him!
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Oh, Lauren! I've been where you are now, waiting for a call from the vet. Just be as brave as you can be, especially for Skylar. Do some laundry, a little light housework, change the sheets on the bed - stay busy physically. You'll be surprised at how the time will pass a little bit more quickly.
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I am praying so much for you and Ani.
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Lauren, I am still thinking of you and Ani, and praying hard for your sweet girl. Please try to hold on to your positive feelings that she will be okay. I know how hard this is. We are all with you in our hearts.
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I called the vets office a little while ago. I knew the results wouldn't be in yet, but I just needed to know something, anything. The receptionist told me that when she went to see Ani, Ani walked right up to her. She said she looks good and "up". I asked her if she "meowed", and Pat said "no". That was the first thing that really told me something was wrong the other day. Ani is such a vocal cat. She is always talking. I could sit here and guess what can be wrong with her, but it's all just a guess. I am thinking something is going on with her throat It seems almost as if she lost her voice. The day before I brought Ani in, I noticed that her voice sounded hoarse. Then, there was no voice at all Then, I watched her throughout the day and noticed all the other stuff that was going on. She obviously wasn't feeling well. She faced the wall a lot and was pretty withdrawn. Ani is far from withdrawn, so I knew for sure things were not right with my baby. The vet asked me if Ani had the tendency to swallow things off the floor.. (perhaps something that dropped). But, Ani never eats things aside from her food. I am doubting that it was something like that, but like I said, I can sit and guess all I want. I told Pat that I would be calling back at 9:30. That is when the results are supposed to be in, but I know from previous experience that it will probably take longer. I don't know how much more I can wait. If they're not in by 10:30, I am going over to the hospital. I'll sit and wait there, and I will be able to see my girl. Maybe she'll meow for me.
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