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Cookie monsters!

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My mother-in-law, who has to be one of the best bakers in the world, really outdid herself this week. She baked dozens upon dozens of Christmas cookies, and decided to surprise us with a huge sampling of her efforts. She even thought to put them in a huge Tupperware container, so that a certain little cat wouldn't get them. When I got home from work this afternoon, I found some suspicious crumbs in the entry, and, following them, found two crashed-out cats sleeping off their overindulgence (a minor miracle, because Jamie hasn't been letting Zsa Zsa out of the spare bedroom). She brought over about two lbs. of freshly baked cookies, carefully sealed in Tupperware, around noon (she has a key). By the time I got home, Jamie had pushed the container off the counter and around the floor until he got the lid off. I don't know whether he "invited" Zsa Zsa, or she waited until he'd eaten so much that he couldn't move, but at any rate over a pound of cookies had been devoured by the time I got home. It has been unusually quiet around here this evening....
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Oh my!!! Thats alot of cookies
That sounds more like something by 3 boys would and have done.
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Sorry I don't mean to laught but that funny!

Watch out later you might have alot of cleaning to do!
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too funnie Tricia!!!!
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Oh my! What little sugar fiends you've got!
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I know my kitty wants to eat my rich biscuits but i dont let him.
although i did give him a little nibble
My mumis forever telling me that he will end up having worms if you let them eat anything with sugar in it...
So now i can picture your Jamie and zsa zsa full of live worms wriggling in their tummies

P.s I mean like, live pink worms!!
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Aren't Tupperware containers supposed to be pretty hard to open? Your Jamie is one smart and persevering guy!
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What dedicated kittys to have gotten a tupperware lid off. Wondering if they will be zooming around all nite long after sleeping it off all day....... ;-)
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What a hoot!!
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Oh my, Tricia!
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wow.. think u could ship some cookies to my house?! i'll give u the addy!
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Lenaorie, I imagine Tricia's cats sitting on the couch like the cat in your siggy...

Tricia, your mom really must be a very good baker!
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Lots of cookies you say ? So when is that party at your house ?
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OH my, Jerry never gets mad at our kits, but if our kits ate all his cookies, he'd be out for fur!! LOLOLOL
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I hope none of those cookies have chocolate in then as it is toxic to cats! Just a word of warning. It is funny though
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Your cats eat cookies?!

That's so funny!
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Originally Posted by stormy
Sorry I don't mean to laught but that funny!

Watch out later you might have alot of cleaning to do!
Yes, I did, unfortunately! Sort of along the lines of "What goes down, must come up again". My mother-in-law attempted to "reconstruct" what they could've eaten. She put a dozen little-muffin-sized "tarts" with a walnut filling in the top of the container, and they were definitely gone. No chocolate, since I'd told her I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies. Neither cat wanted breakfast this morning, but they both ate dinner this evening. Jamie even had the nerve to beg for oatmeal cookies as I was taking them out of the oven, so he hasn't learned his lesson. He's back to not letting Zsa Zsa out of the spare bedroom, so she must've just taken advantage of his "sleeping off" the gorging, though she must have done okay herself, judging by the amount she threw up.
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Glad neither have ill effects from their binge!
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