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Hi Again! Pics of the new house I never got to post!

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Well, I disappeared again! I missed Thanksgiving with TCS - hope everyone that celebrated had a great one! We had Gary's mom with us - our first Thanksgiving in our first house.

Just in case anyone's been curious - I've been absent for so long basically because of work and illness. Gary and I aren't currently employed, though we still have to talk to our customers and companies (we're analysts that write on publicly traded companies, and our customers are the money managers of hedge funds and mutual funds). Licensing laws changed earlier this year, and to be publishing analysts, you now have to have a series of licenses - and the exams are REALLY difficult! (Just about everyone we know is having trouble with these exams, so it isn't just us!)

We've been taking accounting courses - and because we just moved into the new home, Gary's mom came for an extended stay, then my parents came up. ...and while they were here (late Oct) we got really, really sick. Spent a few days in the hospital with pneumonia - then took weeks to recover. Then it was Thanksgiving and Gary's mom was back - and then finally got caught up with everything, popped over here to catch up - and TCS was down! Wow was that weird!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, TCS is back, and I'm back - for a little while, anyway - and boy have I missed everyone!

But I realized I never got to post pics of the house with our stuff in it! We got all those storage facilities closed - and it's funny. Everyone who comes over says all shocked- Wow! It looks like you've lived here for 10 years! Well, we may have lived in the RV for 10 years, but we were collecting stuff! So apart from the furniture, which is new, we HAVE 10 years of stuff, LOL!

Anyway, this house is definitely our home now. I don't have pics of it, but we built an "RV pad" out next to the garage - and Holly (our RV) is here with us too!

And a quick update on Ming Loy. I posted for a few days back in September/October when I had some time, and little Ming Loy had just come home. She was born with a scarred cerebral cortex (mom cat was sick while she was in the womb is what Doc thinks), and her back legs don't work too well. She's built up a lot of strength in her front legs - though another condition of the scarring is that she shakes - and the more excited she gets, the more she shakes. So when she walks around, she looks kind of like a drunk with Parkinsons. She is the SWEETEST thing in the world! Flowerbelle seems like a moody meanie next to this little kitty (and Flowerbelle's a sweetie!) We have never, ever met such a happy cat. She is so content - though she's assertive, and I would not be the least bit surprised to see her turn out to be the alpha cat of this house.

The one thing we never considered is how noisy it would be to have a crippled kitty in the house. When she's playing or running, she uses both back legs at the same time - and she can launch herself 3 - 4 feet. So she comes down with a "THUD!" Thankfully, she's built up enough strength in her front legs that she can now get down the places she climbs up, so our entire house does not look like we live in a rubber room anymore, LOL! (We had about a billion pillows everywhere, so she wouldn't knock herself out by bumping into sharp corners or falling off a 6' cat tree). She flies up those stairs with the rest of the gang - but good girl that she is, she's a bit more careful on the way down.

Anyway, I can't seem to find a bunch of pics I thought I had, but here's a couple.

The outside, after some landscaping:
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And the kitchen.... (though we've added a baker's rack where the clock is, and turned the table sideways to accomodate it)....
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And part of the living room.... LOVE the fireplace!!!!!!!!!!!!! We even have a fake bearskin rug that's nestled inbetween the coffee table, the fireplace and the TV (which would be over on the right).
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Omg Laurie your house looks gorgeous!

And so sorry to hear that you were sick. Glad you are better now!
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Oh is absolutely my kind of house.......I want one just like it! More pics when you can!!
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...and I can't find pics of the bedroom. But you've GOT to see this cat tree that Newton Vet gave us! It takes up like a 1/3 of the room, lol! I'll hunt them down....

I MISSED YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks - we really - I mean really - love it here! And the cats LOVE the windowsills!!!!!
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Good to have you back
New house is very very nice!
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You have such a beautiful home now!

Im glad to see you back!

Glad to hear about Flowerbelle and Ming Loy!!!
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Gorgeous house!! Hubby wants it LOL!

Sorry to hear you weren't well - hope you're better now - you're going to need to be in full health to keep up with Ming Loy. She sounds lovely
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Glad to see you're back - and the house looks so cosy!
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Laurie, thank´s for share with us, your pic´s are so cool!!!
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Good to see you again!
The house looks wonderful, and I'm happy to hear about Ming Loy.
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Laurie!!!!! Welcome back!!!! Your new house is fantastic and you and Gary must be thrilled to have so much room after living in an RV!
Originally posted by LDG
and while they were here (late Oct) we got really, really sick. Spent a few days in the hospital with pneumonia - then took weeks to recover
Sorry you got so sick, but I just have to comment about this. I know what you through because I had a very similiar experience. In late August/early September, I developed double pneumonia; and even with the antibiotics being re-prescribed about three times I couldn't recover from it. Finally, in the first part of October, I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and had to stay there for several days. I'm much better now, and I hope you are too.
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It's been ages, it seems a lot of us were away from TCS before the Crash... Your place looks great.
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wish i had your house!!!
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well, it is an adorable house!!
i love it.... i'd love to see more of it though...
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Your house is beautiful!
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Hello Laurie! Your home is fantastic!
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Your house is beautiful. Glad that you are feeling better now and back to the cat site.
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I don't know you (I'm new around here), but your house is really beautiful. Very homey looking (I love that). I was intrigued about you living in your RV for a long time -- my husband and I have a dream of retiring and doing that when the kids are out of school. I'd love to hear more about your RV adventures
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Laurie it's lovely to hear from you again!

Your house is gorgeous and you seem to have settled in really well!

Pleased to hear your a lot better now and that Mong Loy is getting there as well

P.S. You should see the size of little miss Sophie now!!
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Laurie - your home is beautiful! The kitties must enjoy all the extra space.
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