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I had to hospitalize my 12 year old tabby yesterday due to severe diabetes. Needless to say, as only other cat lovers would know, I am a total reck about it. He apparently was producing little or no insulin. I had blood work done on him in June to make sure his kidney levels were normal(they were high previously) before having his teeth cleaned. They also checked for thyroid. It turned out that his kidneys were fine but his thyroid was overactive. He has been on daily medication since that time. He was rechecked in August and all was well.
First, I was wondering about others' experience with a diabetic cat? What can I expect and will he be alright? Second, I am curious as to why the former blood test wouldn't have revealed any problems with his blood sugar? Does diabetes appear that quickly?
I am so thankful to have this sight. Most people can't understand how you can feel so deeply about a pet, especially a cat. Thank you all for listening.
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Janine, Im so sorry about your baby, I don't really know anything about diabetes but I just wanted to say Im thinking of you love, I also had some bad news from the vets yestreday, they suspect one of my cats has Feline Leukeamia, so they are going to do a blood test on Monday.....its a horrible feeling I know.

Let us know how things go...

Hugs to you and yours..
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Thank you for your thoughts. I so sorry about your baby. What is the usual prognosis on leukemia? I will be thinking and praying for you and your baby, too.

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Thanks Janine, the vet said that some cats can live with it for years, but some cats don't live very long at all with it - there's no cure so eventually the worst happens......but I've got my fingers crossed that the blood tests will show its not Leukeamia....if it is, I will have to have all my other babies tested too.....,oh well, we just have to be patient I suppose, and hope for the best of course....

Hope all goes well with your baby, take care,
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Let me know what happens with your babies.

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J - no diabetic cats, but my Doberman had diabetes. She lived to the ripe old age of 17 - and it was cancer that took her. I gave her insulin injections daily and chased her around for the urine samples to test the sugar levels. I hope and pray that your little one will be with you for a LONG LONG time.
Bodlover......I am so very sorry about the possible diagnosis with your fur baby!
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Janine and Bodlover--

I'm sorry to hear your cats are ailing.

My Aunt's cat had diabetes. She gave him daily insulin shots for about 7 years. It's possible for a cat to live a long time with the condition. Some of the changes she saw in her cat were increased thirst, very smelly urine and feces, and hunger(he had to be on a very strict diet which he whined about constantly ).
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hi. my kitty sammy had diabetes. she was diagnosed when she was around 11. she was peeing blood and drinking tons of water so thats why we took her to the vet and found out. she lived to be about 14 but sammy was a biiiiiig kitty, round 20 pounds so im sure that had something to do with her sickness to when she died. We gave her 2 shots of insulin a day. Sometimes its a pain but easy as pie, we just stuck her while she was sleeping all the time and she didnt even know it sometimes. Be careful not to poke yourself though, i did that a couple times. My sammy was the most beautiful big orange kitty in the world! just thought id let you know But your kitty can live a long healthy life with diabetes just like people, you just have to keep an extra eye on them and make sure you keep up with the shots and regular vet visits and im sure your kitty will live a long healthy life. good luck with your kitty! i send my love and i asked sammy angel to keep an eye on him
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Janine - I don't have any advice other to say that I understand, as my Missy is sick also. She's been my baby for 14 years, so I'm more than just attached to her - she's my family. So we understand how hard it is to have a sick kitty - especially because they can't tall us what's wrong. Good luck with her. And BodLover - I hope it isn't FeLukemia. I'll keep both your kitties in my thoughts.
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I thank all of you for your concern about Punkin. He came home Saturday for the weekend. I will have to take him back for the day on Monday. He looks better, and seems to feel a little better, although he is still drinking quite a bit. I found some good information on the internet about feline diabetes. I'll just try and get as informed as I can. I gave my first shot this morning. Punkin did better than I. I was shaking, but he was pretty calm.
Debra, I'm sorry about your Doberman. I'm sure that was very difficult. Punkin, too, has been through cancer as well. He had one eye removed a couple of year ago. Of course, he handled it all much better than "moma".
Alexnell, thanks for the info about your aunt's kitty. I also began to see some of the same changes in Punkin. I just wasn't sure it any of them were due to his thyroid medication that we started in August. Now I know.
Chrislbud, so sorry about little Sammy - or should I say Big Sammy. My orange tabby Punkin has also been large. He weight 18lbs less than
a month ago, however, he only weighed 14 the other day. Quite a change. Punkin and I are grateful for Sammy angel watching over him. Thank you.
Missycat, I am so sorry about your baby. Most people just can't understand our attachment and tremendous love for our babies. I'm so grateful to have people like you to share our mutual love for our kitties. You and Missy will be in my prayers. Please keep my informed about her progress.
Thanks again to all of you. Your thoughtfulness and concern has been a great help to me.

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I have a cat with diabities. He's had it for over a year. Aside from giving him insulin 2 xs a day he is now on a very high protien growth food. There are no realreports on using the high protein food but our vet recommended it and he seems to be getting a little better. Hopefully in time he won't be insulin dependant. Keep the faith and I'm sure all will be fine.
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Janine...I am so sorry about your kitty. I do not know anything about diabetes in cats, but my new cat has been diagonsed with a thyroid condition, and will have to start meds for the rest of her life. I can understand your concern in that department.

Bodlover... that news breaks my heart. I volunteer with FeLV cats and so even though I don't own one, I am connected emotionally that way. I hope your kitty does not have it. But if your kitty does have it, they can live for years. Problem is, if your kitty has it, you will have to keep her separated from the other cats from now on, as it is highly contagious. Cats with FeLV can live together, but not ones with and ones without.

I keep my fingers crossed for both of you. Keep us posted.
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