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The most soothing of sounds...(a kitty plug)

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I am gonna try to think of soothing things soooo......does anyone else agree with me that a cat purrrrr has got to be one of the most soothing sounds even made..........When I have trouble sleeping ill call my kitties and they will lie with me and purr there head off......Its puts me right out......They should make baby blankets or heck people blankets or pillows that make that sound......that would be great....or maybe everyone just needs a cat....lol
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Funny you say that -- I love the sound of Comere purring, and he's a LOUD purr monster. My husband on the other hand, HATES the sound! For some reason it just pisses him right off
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really....omg how can you hate thats sound....its so..well....sooothing.....lol
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my bf isn't exactly fond of it either. The cuteness wears off fast on him.. Me, I could go without it or with it. I feel like I'm doing something right though when my cat does it.
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They'd hate Sophie then because i've never heard a purr so loud like hers, even Rosie can't top it!
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My Mabby is a mute..besides a few squeeks and squeels but she purrs like a freekin '05 mustang....lol..I love it
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Yeah, Tiger is really comforting when he's around, but then he likes to lie more or less on your face too.... I love the sound of really heavy rain outside. I get really relaxed when I hear that. I'm also quite disturbingly affected by the static in the air when there's a storm
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I love it when my cats purr, if I'm in a lousy mood it cheers me right up!!
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Purring kitties make me feel all warm and fuzzy.....
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Purring cat is the #1 soothing sound, no doubt!
Babbling brook is a distant #2.
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they made this cat toy with the purring sounds, it doesnt sound as good as your own cat doing it though!
I love my kitty purring i make him purr and purr untill he is deep asleep
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Even the presence of a cat is soothing to me. We have cats at the school I work at. Whenever I get stressed I either fetch our house cat and put him in my office, or I go find the house cat and spend a little time petting him. I work on reading skills with a dyslexic student and the first thing she asks me when she comes to my office is, "Can I get the cat?" She is much happier and relaxed when he's around.

So yes, purring is definitely a soothing sound. I really don't understand how it couldn't be but then I don't understand how anyone could not like cats!
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