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My Christmas tree

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I have declared war with the cats over the Christmas tree that they have methodically destroyed this week. I noticed a few weeks ago when I put a cinnamon clove mix in my potpourri pot they all spent the day in the basement so I made little sacks and tied those all over the tree. No one has been near it for the last two hours so I am hoping this works then I can redecorate the tree. I let them all have a sniff at the first one I made and they all slunk back like "ewww". Sam is the only one who didn't bother the tree, that I know of. He is a bit sneaky so he may have just not gotten caught in the act.
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.....And does work it?
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I just bought some cat nip and he took one sniff and clenched his eyes! then i took it away and he went
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
.....And does work it?
So far it has, but its also nap time around here for the rest of the day. I won't know for sure until evening when they are all up again. They certainly aren't attracted to it. As soon as I tied one on the tree, Emma took off.
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Good luck!
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Boy I hope it works, could you please let us know if it does? I don't need it for the tree because Jasper can't reach that, but was thinking maybe a few scented bags left on the table would help him to remember his "manners" when I am not right there watching.....
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What a functional, yet decorative idea! Please let us know how it works!
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