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Well tomorrow at 10.00am I will be back at work for that meeting that I have so badly not wanted and am totally scared lifeless over. I know what its about and pretty much what they are going to ask me, however, its my boss that will be funny with me and she will not have any consideration at all for the way I am.
I started the new drug last night and today, its taken me until 15.00 to even get some form of relief. Passed out I think today as have no recollection of something I was doing, then I was on the floor. Someone I know told me today that I looked totally withdrawn, as if my eyes had sunk back and asked if I had lost weight. About 3/4 of a stone at the moment and still dropping....
So, finally the day will come tomorrow and I am so scared of what she will say to force me back when I am not remotely ready enough. The hospital back me up but knowing her, it wont count for nothing. So, spare me a few good vibes and ask that she will leave me alone as I so desperately need. We now believe I near as had a breakdown some months ago and none of the stress of this is helping at all.
Did go for the interview on Tues and gave it everything, am praying everything was enough.
Feel so incredibly bad today and will be in bed by 17.00 - its now 15.51.
Sorry to moan, am so so worried
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You have people all around the world sending good vibes and prayers your way! That must count for something with the great karma of the Universe
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Kev, don't let her push you to come back. You should not be back in that office until your doctor gives you the okay, particularly if you were close to a breakdown before! Stay strong. I am sending you all the good vibes I can muster and a gigantic hug.
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Good vibes from me are coming your way! You don't need to be working right now and if the doctors agree with you, then stand firm! Let us know how it goes!
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All the best wishes and vibes on their way to you!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
All the best wishes and vibes on their way to you!
Best wishes!!!!
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all the best and good vibes
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Tons of good vibes coming your way...... Think positive!
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Sending good vibes your way Kev...
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Kev it doesn't sound as though you should be at work.

Stay strong Kev! We love ya!
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YOu can't say fairer than any of the advice that's already up here - don't let that horrid old cow do anything to force you back to work - you aren't ready for it yet and you'll just have to make it clear that you can't do anything until your hospital gives you the green light. If she forces you back to work, then she's going to make you worse and ultimately lose more time that you're at work. If she's really so concerned about the company, she'd be concerned about the health of her employees - if they suffer, the company will suffer. Anyone who values their staff highly will want them in tip-top condition. If she still doesn't take no for an answer, I say tell her to get stuffed and stick the job where the sun doesn't shine. Just you concentrate on getting better Kev - PM me tomorrow if you fele up to it and let me know how you're feeling. Hugs all round beb
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Kev - good vibes for you - I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.

Just remember - it's the doctors who are the authority hear not your boss - if you're signed off work then you are not fit to be there. Stay strong. Even though it's not nice to look forward to, by lunchtime tomorrow it will all be behind you.

Take care. Let us know how you get on.
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