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Fecal sample question

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Ok- so I posted a few days ago about my kitty possibly (most likely) having a worms relapse. I am bringing him into the vet tonight. Of course they asked for a fecal sample and I have been trying to get a fresh one for almost three days now but my little monster is being uncooperative and only pooing when I am at work during the day. Can anyone tell my if a sample taken from the box after, say, half a day or so will still be useful? I also have the worm-thing I dug out of his box so I will bring that as well as proof, but I am afraid they will refuse to give me a worm medication unless they can get a definite fecal float positive on worm eggs. Since I work during the day, I can only do vet appts in the evenings, which thank goodness my vet does, although I usually have to wait a week or so. We are leaving for Christmas next week and I really want to get a first does of dewormer in before then, so I am pretty determined to get this done.

So how fresh does the poop need to be?
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Go ahead and bring one left the same day as the appointment. If they don't like that sample they can pull one directly from the cat during the visit.
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