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Cat vomiting after neuter?

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Hi there,

My male kitten was neutered exactly one week ago. Two days ago I saw him throw up, but figured it was an isolated incident since he seems as rambunctious as ever. Last night though, my husband found new puke, and I saw my kitten puke again this morning. I'm concerned and suppose I will call the vet for their advice, but he seems as wild as ever. Perhaps he's eating too fast? He seems like he's starving at feeding time in a way that he never was before he was neutered.

Any thoughts? Your advice is appreciated!

Thanks very much!


Edited to add that there is no hair in the puke -- so not a hairball!
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While some cats will eat too fast and then puke it back up, the fact that your little guy has thrown up multiple times in a short period warrants a call to your vet, especially given his relatively recent surgery.

Good luck, and let us know how he's doing!
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I'm not really the best person to offer advice to you about this, but I do have some experience of sicky cats. One of mine has a very volatile digestion, and quite often vomits almost immediately after eating. I think she eats too fast, and that's why she's sick. So that could be why yours is vomiting, if he eats too fast, but as for why he eats so fast - well, that I don't know! When mine has vomited a lot, I put her on to a bland diet for a few days, i.e. boiled chicken or boiled fish. This food has no fat in it, and won't irritate the inflamed insides of your cat. It usually has the desired effect of helping to calm down my cat's irritable insides, and she loves to eat it too!
I would definitely ask your vet about it, as there could be many reasons for this, and it's always best to get vet advice of you are at all concerned.
Good luck,

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Thanks folks for the advice. I made an appointment with the vet. I think he's fine, but I guess its better to be on the safe side.

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Stephanie, he is probably just gulping his food. You can elevate his bowl (use an old telephone book) that will stop him from gulping so much. Also move his water bowl a small distance away from the food. He should be able to see it, just not get to it without leaving his food bowl and getting a drink.

If you feed him dry only, give him canned food as well he needs the moisture he is losing some with every heave.
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