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Grades are in!

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Ok...they weren't suppose to be online until 10am...but I sneeked a peek about 5 minutes ago...and the results are:

Art History: A

Business and Tech Writing: A

Logic: C

My overall GPA=3.4

I am a little disspointed to see the C in Logic...but I learned a lot and that's what matters--but I am definitely shocked to see the A in my writing class--boy was that research paper a bummer!! I think I had a pretty successful semester here--and now for the next I'll be taking on a full-time school course--4 classes!

I am overall satisfied with this successful semester!
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Congratulations Candie!
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Woo hoo! Way to go!
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Congrats! Whats your major?
you probably already told me, but I forget
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Congrats Candie!!!!! When is the party?
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Thanks everyone--I am gonna degree is a BS in Interdisplinary Studies with a minor in art.

No party but we did have Zack's offices' Christmas party last night--that was a lot of fun!
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YAY! Way to go!
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* bounces high off catnip*
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my grades will be in next thursday... so i will make sure everyone knows how they are
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GOOD FOR YOU, congrats on a job well done :-)
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Good Job!!
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Congratulations, Candie!

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