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What happened at my house tonight

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I have had Elfie for two and a half months. She is a 31/2 lb 7 month old kitty rescued from the wilds of downtown LA and she has severely deformed rear legs. Elfie has not a mean bone in her body, but Sally and Buddy have been slow to warm up to her. Sally is just mean and Buddy is afraid. Tonight Sally was in my lap and Elfie in her own sweet innocent way climbed on board. She just isn't affected by Sally's hisses, spits and growls. So there I was, with a potential bomb in my lap. Elfie started her instant purr, and then started licking Sally's ear. Nothing happened. Sally looked up at me with a "what does she think she is doing?" look on her face, but she stayed and after a couple of minutes actually started licking Elfie's leg!!! They were there together for probably about 15 minutes, before Elfie got down and then so did Sally. They were both actually purring at the same time in my lap. Now, that is wonderful enough, without the rest of the evening. A little while ago, Buddy was going to get onto the computer cpu, a place where he likes to hang out. But I started petting him, so he decided to stop off on my lap. And Elfie noticed from across the room. So she worked her way around to the back of my chair, which involves a jump of about one and a half feet, a hard jump for her, and a climb to the back of the chair, then into my lap. Buddy would have bolted if she used the climb up my leg method she ordinarily uses to get into my lap because it would have been right in his face, but the over my shoulder appoach didn't seem to scare him. She settled down next to him. He obviously knew she was there, she was purring, but he didn't look. He stopped purring but he stayed there. So brave little Elfie decided to wash his ear, too. And he stayed right there! There were there for maybe five minutes until Buddy just couldn't take it any more and he had to get down. But that sweet Elfie is changing the confirmed grouches around here. How could anyone have ever given her up? Maybe she isn't perfect, but she is about the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Well, I guess I wouldn't have gotten her if someone hadn't abandoned her, so their loss is my gain.
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Awww that's so cute Becky!
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That's wonderful Becky!
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Thats great! It made me feel so happy when Grissom and Jeter started cuddling and being close, so I can imagine how happy you are right now!
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Elfie sounds like such a sweety It's to bad alot of people care more about looks then what's on the inside Hoping for some pictures
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She sounds like such a sweetheart, and this sounds very promising for the future
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This one might be pretty small, but my camera is out of batteries right now. You can see that her back legs can just go whichever direction, because they aren't really attatched at the hips.

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Oh she's precious!
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There, I redid the picture and it is big enough to see now. She was only two pounds in that pic, she was wearing a ferret collar. Now she can wear the smallest size cat collar. Becky
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She's exquisite, what gorgeous "cat model" eyes, and what a delicate face.

She should be in print ads
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Yes, she is a cutie. Its kind of funny, but when I first saw her, I felt a little funny looking at her because her facial bones looked so sharp, her nose sort of was prominent in a funny way. I even asked the vet if her face was normal, I thought maybe it was part of her deformity or something. But either I have gotten used to her or with her weight gain she isn't so odd looking, and now I think she is a cutie, too. Becky
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She does have the sweetest face
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Elfie certainly sounds like a bright little button she knows that the other two are grouchy, and she's taken it upon herself to change their attitude towards her. She sounds absolutely perfect to me! Who cares if her legs aren't what they're supposed to be? THey work well enough for her to get from A to B and back again, and that's good enough for me! She sounds wonderful! What a smart little lady!
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Aaaawww, Elfie, you're such a sweet baby, and such a wonderful influence for everyone!You are a blessing in eachother's lives, Becky!
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She got such a sweet little face She is so lucky to have you in her life to take care of her and Love her.
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