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i found another kitty

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so my friend found a cat today, cutest little girl!! he called me at work and asked me to take this cat he found. since he doesn't like cats he said he would just let it go again because he didnt have anyone to take her. i couldn't let him do that so here she is home with me! i cant keep her but at least i gave her a warm place to sleep tonight and tomorrow i am going to bring her to the shelter she is the sweetest most lovable kitty i dont know how she was a stray. i stoped at my parents on the way home to see if they wanted her but they said nope, plus i dont think lucky would like that! if anyone in jersey wants a kitty.......

dont look at me, just the kitty!! check out her heart shaped nose!

her tail is puffed, she was looking at baci!

hahahaha she looks like serj!! v
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OMG..she is soo adorable...I wish I lived in NJ i would take her in a second...I bet in the end you will keep her...I know I wouldnt be able to resist if you can resist yourself from keeping her..I wish you all the luck in the world finding her a loving home that will give her the good life she deserves
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Her face is a lot like a van, but the markings aren't.. awww she looks like Gibby
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What an angelic face!
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Oh she's cute. Are you sure you can't keep her?
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What a sweeeeeeetie!
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awwwwwwwwwww she is so adorable
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Awww how sweet is she! If that was me i don't think i would be able to give her up even though i already have two
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OH my,w hat a sweetheart.............I wish you tons of luck finding that sweetheart a good home...........
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Ohhhh what a kissable little nose!!! SHe is adorable. I hope she finds a good home. Maybe you could ask at work before you take her to a shelter?
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isn't she just soooo gorgeous!!?? I'll have her!! Me, me me me me!! Darn, I'm in the wrong country.
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Oh look at how beautiful she is!!!

Since you are looking for a new home for her, I'll move this to SOS.
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What a darling! She has bright eyes too and looks intelligent. Good luck with giving her a secure future.
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shes so pretty! Good luck in re-homing her, i'm sure someone will take a shine to her, shes lovely!
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i am so excited i found a home for this little cutie!!!!! my friend unfourtunatly lost his dog the other day so we convinced him that he needed a kitten. poor memphis got hit by a car so he is going to come tomorrow and get her...i'm so glad i didn't have to bring her to the shelter, and i know she will have the best forever home!!
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Fantastic news! And it sounds like you'll be able to still have visiting rights too.

I'm very sorry to hear about his sweet Memphis, though.
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I'm glad you found her a great home, she's a beautiful kitten.
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I Want Her If You Still Have Her I Live In Ny (she Is So Cute I Hope U Stiull Have Her. Please Write Back To Majato
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