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Bed time last night :)

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Our baby boys slept with us for the first time last night!!!

When we first brought them home we were in the midst of renovations so we isolated them at nights in the laundry... now "the cat room". It's a nice big comfy room with their foot, water, litter a cat condo and basket.

Then once we'd had them a few weeks and the house was kitty proofed we tried leaving our bedroom open at night, but of course theur true nocturnal natures came out and they wanted to pllllayyyyy!

So we made the policy that the cats get the run of the house EXCEPT our bedroom when it's sleep time for us humans! They are more than happy with this, and are sure to let us know if we are sleeping in by meows at our door!

ANYWAY....last night I was watching some tv in bed and the boys were curled up with me so I just never bothered to kick them out! Hubby came to bed in the mean time as well, and at about 11:30 mumbled "this wont last 4 minutes".

Lo and behold, we got a solid sleep until 2:30am when they boys decided they wanted to purr up on mum's face! hehehe. I put them back down the bottom of the bed and they went off to sleep again!

Of course at about 5am when they saw light they determined it was now play time and mum and dad should be up with them! hehehe

But it was fun

Who knows if we'll be able to do it again, but hopefully the boys have now grown up a little and matured enough that they understand sleep time!
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ohhh the kitty sleep over game. . I had fun with that me and my guy never got to hold eah other. The cats were either or really all 6 were eirther between us on each side of us and above our head and on us. Never enough room to move. just think of 8 cats now?? NO WAY. that why we got a 2 bedroom house so they can have their own room to sleep in.

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I can't imagine sleeping without a cat. On the few nights I do, I know I don't sleep as well.

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I haven't had a kitty sleep with me for a few weeks now that she has had kittens. I love falling asleep with a kitty purring in my ear.
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oh how exciting for you

I am in a similar situation - however the only difference is my DH isnt a huge cat fan (he loves the boys of course) but he always said 'if you want a cat thats fine but they are NOT sleeping with us' - marriage is all about compromise - so I thought that was fine!!!

occassionally though if I have had a bad day, or am upset or just a special occassion DH will just leave the bedroom door open and the boys straight away come and jump on the bed - they know how special that door open is!!!

DH travels alot and whenever he does the boys always sleep with me - and they know when Daddy isnt coming home that night and they are waiting on the bed for me

I miss having cats in the bed with me every night
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It's funny you know, with out last cat Asha, he was religiously in bed with us. I even arranged the way I laid around him!!! When he passed I dreaded bed time because he wasn't there with me, and I cried and cried every night for the longest time.

But OH MY GOODNESS, I didn't realise how much more space TWO cats took up than ONE does!!!!

It was getting a bit cramped there! heheheh
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My kitty patiently waits for me to go to bed.
If he is sleeping somewhere else. i will mew mew and he will come running onto my pillow!
i love him so much!
and i just love to have some of his weight on my hair and his fur brisking on my body!
I have a pillow but i rarely use it.. the cat does though so i either use just the matriss or the teddy bear!
But he likes to sleep on teddy too !!!
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Aw, what fun! I love when the kitties sleep with us--well, really they sleep with me, and take up all the space on MY side of the bed. (My boyfriend jokes that while I only take up half the bed, it's the middle half--but that's because the kitties have MY half! ) I love having them there though, and will even get myself all cramped up because I don't want to move and disturb them!

Yay for your little guys!
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My one cat Niles never slept with me at night, but always when i would go to bed, he would jump in and purr and roll over to have his stomach rubbed for a little while before jumping down to do other things. He would always stay around the bed area, but is just not a bed sleeper. When I got my new kitten, Niles was standoffish for sometime as the new kitten (Many Toes) spends LOTS of time in bed with me - playing and sleeping. However, now theyre becoming better friends and 3 nights ago when I crawled into bed, Niles jumped in purring loudly and all 3 of us were there....gotta love kitties
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Originally Posted by Sweets
I can't imagine sleeping without a cat. On the few nights I do, I know I don't sleep as well.

Well said Sandy!!!!!
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We have Petals and Tiggy that sleep with us......when Trixie was a baby and we only had her, she would sleep with us but nuzzle my hair all night....drove me nuts....it was like she was munching on it......but once the other two came along, she doesnt' sleep with us anymore.....I wish she would now.....I miss them so much when they dont' sleep with us now......
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Beau and Felicia haven't slept with me for a long time, although they could if they wanted to. They will both come and sleep with me when the weather gets colder. Right now, I'm happy when Beau sleeps. A lot of nights, he wants to play when I go to bed. He has to talk to his toys and his voice is very loud.
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Every night when it's bed time, I say ready for bed boys and Gandalf will start stretching then head to the kitchen cause he knows I put down fresh food right before I go to bed. But Samwise will follow me around until I reach the bedroom door then he'll run and jump into bed and wait for me to get in. Then demand a little bit of petting once that's done though he's down for the night.

I can't imagine falling asleep without Samwise in the bed or waking up without both of them in the bed pinning me under the covers.
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Originally Posted by huggles
DH travels alot and whenever he does the boys always sleep with me - and they know when Daddy isnt coming home that night and they are waiting on the bed for me
oh, Danielle. That is so sweet!!!
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