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I recently made the mistake of putting on rose-scented hand lotion and then trying to pet Missy!!!
I threw away the little lotion tube and washed my hands thoroughly....
To this day, Missy still gives my hand a cautionary sniff to make sure that I didn't use the lotion again!!!!!!
Hugs and Pats to all your kitties!!!
Ellen and Missy and the Herd
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A brief update on Sweet Missy...she STILL totally refuses to leave her "condo" I set up for her..as expected, she's extremely fixed in her habits...they make her feel secure...
Her charming, ultra quiet personality is still shining through...her fur's lovely and fully grown in and soft...her little tail is fully furred now!!! All the bald spots from her old life's flea allergy are gone...
I discovered she can see the red dot of a laser pointer toy!!! I beamed it at the floor of her condo and she definitely looked at it!!!! Also, I put a little scooping litter, instead of her usual wood-pellet litter, and she's exhibiting the normal cat behavior of lounging in it!!!! She actually let me trim one of her nails whilst she lounged!!!! This is something we've been working at...I don't want to get her traumatized to try and trim them all at once...will try to do another tomorrow...
Maybe she'd accept briefly being out of her condo, if I carefully lifted her out, reclining in her small-size litterbox??? Will slowly try it and if she panics will have to think of another way....
I'm learning alot from Sweet Missy..
Heaps of Meows,
Ellen and Sweet Missy
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Oh sweet Missy sounds like such a love. She is trusting you alot more since I last visited this thread.
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Originally Posted by ellentheartist
Missy's actually starting to PLAY a tiny bit!!! She'll ever so gently nip the folded paper towel that I use to give her her spongebaths!!! And she'll pat it carefully with her little forepaw!!!!
She's still very quiet, but it's fine by me to go at her pace...
Her weight's improvin g daily, can't feel her vertebre any more when petting down her back...she's still a bit hip-boney...her tail has re-fgrown...when I got her, she had a flea allergy hairloss issue....no fleas whatsoever now...none dare set foot in my house!!!
Her fur is all nice and shiny and soft....
Just thought I'd post an update...
Hugs to all your kitties,
Ellen and Sweet Missy LaPurr and the Herd
WOW, i just read this thread and am crying. You are such an amazing person, you give me hope that there are good people in this world.
thank you for sharing and updating.....
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Her eyesight seems to be improving!!!!!!!! I've noticed she lets out little meows periodically now and will check on her and usually find her "looking" across the room in the direction of one of the other kitties (in motion)??!!!!!!!
Today, she also reached out and patted Mommie Cat's tailtip (wasn't moving) when Mommie Cat was sitting on top of Missy's condo....I tried slowly reaching out towards Missy's nose with my fingertip and stopping just short of it...she'll then hesitate and reach her little nose out the rest of the way, touching the tip of my finger!!!!!!!
Too many things are happening here....she's actually much more social and hangs out in the front of her condo more...I'm not sure what's up...maybe her emaciated state contributed to her congenital condition and now that she's been on a good diet for months, something's improving...keep in mind this has mostly been evident since last night....I can't believe it...her eyes still look different than the other kitties...her iris muscles arent' normal according to the vet, but something's definitely happening here!!!!!!
Has anyone had experience with a severely malnourished kitty's eyesight improving after some months on a good diet (Science Diet Hairball)??????
Heaps of Ecstatic Meows,
Ellen and Sweet Missy LaPurr
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I haven't had experience but what great news.
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That is so good - I hope it continues to improve.
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I've been working alot with Sweet Missy over the last few days...she'll (briefly) let me gently hold her on a towel on my lap, while sitting next to her beloved "condo". As soon as she tenses up and turns for her condo, I let her go slowly back into it....
She's allowed me to trim a couple more of her claws..it works best if I reach into the condo and carefully try and put my hand under her little paw..she'll pull away about 900 (!!) times, okay, maybe only 899 times, and I just gently take her paw again....or basically let it rest on my hand and not apply any restraint....
Missy's definitely tracking some movement with her eyes....she doesn't do as much reaching out/feeling with her little forepaws anymore....
So incredible to witness her changes...just when I thought she'd "plateaued" and reached her best rehabilitation state...the visual improvement happens....a miraculous thing to behold...
Pats to all your kitties,
Ellen and Sweet Missy LaPurr
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Just wanted to update everyone...Missy's still doing well!! Looking great!!!
Her former human, was in the store this week and asked about her... GRRRRR HISSSSSS! But I was polite, I hate to burn my bridges regarding the other two cats she may still have...
Heaps of meows from Sweet Missy LaPurr and
Ellen in VA
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Have just read this whole thread, and you really are a wonderful person to help so many needy cats. Have you spoken to your vet to see if he has heard of kitties eyesight improving when they are on a decent diet? I suppose if she is still young there is a possibility that some of the damage can be reversed. It is so good that this cat is finally with someone who will give her the care and attention she needs. I fostered a poorly socialised cat last year - he was rehomed after 5 months, still not a proper cat, but calm enough to go to a new home, which he needed as he bullied my cats, but hated being cooped up in his room. I went to see him a couple of weeks ago (he had been in his new home about 4 months), and he was like a proper cat - she can stroke him, hold him, trust him to go outside, and I was so pleased for him. Then I got an e-mail yesterday saying he had caught a mouse. I think when you hear how well these special cats are doing in a new home, it makes it even more worthwhile. I would certainly do it again - it might take a lot of time, love and patience, but the joy you get from such small things like a purr, or them sitting in the open while you are in the same room, are really worth it.
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Thank you!!! Yes, I ran Missy's improving eyesight by the vet and she's baffled..just figures that her improved nutrition is playing a part in it...
I've a rescuer friend who's a miracle worker for kitties...has trapped/spayed/neutered over 2,300 cats!!! The spay/neuter clinic suggested she start keeping detailed records and now she's surpassed that number...she especially helps feral cats...goes to feeding sites which she maintains in very careful good order, very tidy...works a full time job...takes care of her adoption kitties and her permanent kitties..has a husband who's a tremendous help to her...he's a jewel too!!! She hasn't known of a cat regaining part of her eyesight....Missy's a puzzle!!
Pats to your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
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You are such a great story teller, I feel like I know Missy.
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I only just discovered this thread and what a wonderful story sbout Missy. You are a real miracle Worker in the tradition of Annie Sullivan. I understand how you feel about Missy's previous owner - I am afraid despite my profession, I do not suffer fools very well and it can be so frustrating to have to hold your tongue but it msy be for the best with this woman - she clearly did not know any better. I wold definitely let her know how well Missy is doing though - and what a wonderful cat she is!!!

Thank you so much for such heartwarming saga and for all you do for Missy and the other kitties!! It's poeple like you who restore my faith in human nature when days are bad. (Tho today was a good one. ) Keep uo the outstanding work!!! Hugs to Missy!
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Hi, Ellen -- I'm new here and just ran across this wonderful thread. Like everyone else, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the loving care you're giving Missy.

I would love to see your paintings, but I find that I am not allowed to use the email function on the site -- maybe because I'm new? If you check this thread again, perhaps you would email me: lightsail at radiance dot cnc dot net. (I write it that way so it can't be electronically harvested by spammers.)

Please give Missy my love.
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