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Oh what a heartwarming thread!
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No, I didn't see the other thread..will look it up now...it's been a hectic two weeks at work, and I've FINALLY some time off...so great to spend so much cuddle time with Missy and the rest of the Herd...
Take Care and many thanks for your kind words...
Ellen, the Keeper of the Herd
p.s. a co-worker told me that the woman I got Missy from was in the store when I was off, asking how she was doing....I luckily haven't been there when she's come in several times......I've been torn whether to ask the woman if she knew Missy had some issues because she was BLIND??!!!!!!
Maybe better to play it cool...screaming at an ignorant person only gives you a migraine...and also cuts off that person's remaining two cats from getting assistance from you....will think on it some more....
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oh I can certainly understand your anger and frustration at that noggin of a woman! UGH! and admire you for your restraint. I am not as classy as you, let's just leave it at that....
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Ellen, what a beautiful job you're doing! I loved reading this thread, i'll keep coming back for updates!

Best wishes and good luck with Missy
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I am lost in admiration for you and your work with all of them! Missy is obviously learning so much in the way of trust and confidence, and I am so happy for her. But you are doing such amazing work with all of them. Fantastic.
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Hi Ellen, I just now saw your thread. I am very touched by Missy's story and send you and her all my best. What a little love she sounds like. Glad she has you to help her. You are doing wonderful with her. Sounds like she has alot on her plate over and above abandonment issues. Take heart on the food issue, i never thought i would be able to change the crappy dry food addiction of one of my street rescues and today, he eats much better food. He's had abandoment and illnesses to deal with but not blindness--that must make change much much harder.

When I was looking for homes for first a puppy and then a kitten that recently found their way to my yard, I sent out a prayer--if i am not meant to keep all of these (I have several rescue pets already) then please send a wonderful home for them and this is how i will know. And shazaam!!! People far surpassing my expectations magically answered!! (sashacat being one!) So, I am sending you the same prayer for you and your hurricane fine lady tonight, ok?

By the way I am originally from va, been out here 6 1/2 years. where are you in Va?
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Hi, I'm in Central VA, just about 30 minutes south of Richmond...in Chesterfield County...
Thanks very much for the prayer...I'm hoping to find that extra, extra special home for Princess Violet Isabella Valentine...she's come so far...
The kitties I typically take in are in dire circumstances...and it's such a big responsibility to find them a trustworthy home...
Working animal-related retail, I talk to alot of people and most that have a devotion to animal friends already have alot of them..not looking for another...
Then you get the ones that casually say, oh this one "disappeared" and "cats need to go outside"...not really getting it, you know??? Would they let a human toddler wander around outside???
They were responsible for this little life and were careless with it...they don't value their friends as you and I do...sad, 'cause they are truly missing out on a lot...
Violet took over a year to rehab. physically...she's now in perfect condition, gorgeous coat, her weight's excellent...
If anyone knows a Central VA person looking for a strictly indoor princess to cherish, please let me know...
Violet is so graceful, and she gives you little kitty lick-kisses, but only after you pet her first!!!
She hated other cats on sight in the beginning..I think she was roughed up alot on the streets...
It took alot of "weaning" her on to even SEEING the Herd..then a few minutes amongst them, then put her in her large crate to cool off...took a few weeks to get 'em all together..she rules the roost in a very quiet way...none of them dares to bother her...they know she'll bat them with her paw if they step out of line!!!
Well, I'm off to spend some quality time with Sweet Missy and the Herd..
Take Care and Heaps of Meows and Pats to Your Kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
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Interesting update...
While trying to work with Missy today, my feral cat, Mommie Cat PhD, hopped on my lap and demanded attention...she's an incredibly, awesomely intelligent little black DSH tabby with white...was totally feral when I caught her at 2 yrs of age...adores to be petted, combed, etc...
Well, back to the update....Sweet Missy's little white paw came out of the entrance to her condo and she gently batted at the tip of Mommie Cat's tail!!!!!! I don't know if this indicates she has a tiny bit of blurred vision, or that she felt the air displaced by MC's waving tail..Missy had a very determined, cheeky look on her little face....
She's beginning to want to play!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY!!!!
MC didn't react badly, thank goodness...she turned and looked at Missy with curiosity...I told her to be gentle towards Missy as she can't see us well...Mommie Cat wants lots of attention and pats...she's the best cat to comb I've ever had...so don't believe someone when they tell you that you can't do anything with a feral cat...it's up to the kitty and their basic temperment/personality...see what happens after you help them get rid of all the parasites, get 'em spayed/neutered, give them regular meals, and develop some trust....
MC was FORMIDABLE in the beginning...the excellent spay/neuter clinic staff's words to me four years ago were, "She was RRRRREALLLLY feral!" (And they work on about fourty animals a day/tons of feral cats...)
If she was human, I think -- with her warm personality-- she'd be baking cookies for all the neighborhood kids and mothering them....
Back to the subject of Sweet Missy LaPurr, If I work with her for a long session, she'll get to where she'll sort of lie down on her side a bit with playful body language, **** her head sideways abit...nothing overt, just in her subtle way....
She's a mystery in progress...so interesting to see the little changes as they happen!!!!!
Pats to all your kitty friends,
Ellen and Sweet Missy and Mommie Cat and the Herd
p.s. if anyone wants to see one of my watercolor paintings, just email me...I work with miniature brushes and paint cats, dogs, horses, etc...not alot of time to do that these days...with working full time and tending all the Herd..
Cats are DEFINITELY the most challenging subjects...such fine fur, and the color variations are so intricate...
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Another update!!!
Missy ate a different brand of dry economy cat food for me today!!! HOORAY!!!
I'd tried offering her a different brand before and she ate it...then I didn't push the subject and let her have her Chef's Blend...besides, her stomach tolerates that so well...
I'm going to try mixing in some premium food (Maybe Royal Canin's "Special") with the Chef's Blend, don't want to give her digestive upsets, you know what I mean????
Will keep you all posted,
Ellen and Missy and the Herd
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Ellen, you are doing great work there! It's so exciting to read you updates. Keep up the great work you are doing with your herd. I know how exciting it can be when your new cat shows you a new bahavior. Kitty Bear was a shelter rescue who must have been there for a while. Every day she acts more like the cat she is supposed to be and less like a "scaredy cat!" She is even playing now; which is something I don't think she had ever done before. Please continue to keep us all posted.
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Missy's eating Hill's Science Diet "Sensitive Stomach"!!!! HOORAY!!! She's making more improvements!!!
Guess what??? Her former human came into the store yesterday to ask me how Missy was doing...couldn't BELIEVE that I kept her...I told her Missy's gaining weight...translation "She was very skinny!" The woman didn't pick up on my meaning...
I also mentioned that I had her eyes looked at and she's got a congenital abnormality...that her vision is very poor...the woman said, "Oh THAT must've been why she spent so much time hiding!!!".
I must say, I gave a better performance (of a CALM HUMAN) than any of the Hollywood stars gave in their movies last year...I deserved an Academy Award!!!!
I held onto my temper....
I told the woman how Missy likes spongebaths....and she said, "She likes what???", then I explained..
Oh how glad I am that Missy's safe upstairs, all clean and flea-free, calm and gaining weight and confidence at my house tonight...
Pats to all of your kitties!!
Ellen and Missy and the Herd
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Wow, Missy really is making leaps and bounds with you! What a wonderful world you have given to her and the rest of the herd.
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Ellen, no wonder Missy is growing so healthy and smart, look what a lively, bubbling full-of-life person you are. How could any kitty resist that? Can we come over???
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Thanks very much...I'm the lucky one...the critters teach me so much and are a constant source of wonder for me...
I think if people paid attention to their critters' behavior more, they'd understand PEOPLE better...critters don't use extra stuff in their communication..they're happy, they're sad, etc...they have the same emotions as we do...just different "packaging", you know????
I'm off to spend time with Missy and the Herd!!!
Pats to all of your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
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Hi Ellen, that is a really nice update, her poking her little white paw out, i am curious if she has a little vision or if it is another sense. I do know catlovers in Va, but they all have a couple or 3 cats already. Nice cats, but still cats. Do you have a picie of her online? She wanted to be alone, yes? take care, mayree
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Originally Posted by ellentheartist
Thanks very much...I'm the lucky one...the critters teach me so much and are a constant source of wonder for me...
I think if people paid attention to their critters' behavior more, they'd understand PEOPLE better...critters don't use extra stuff in their communication..they're happy, they're sad, etc...they have the same emotions as we do...just different "packaging", you know????
I'm off to spend time with Missy and the Herd!!!
Pats to all of your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd
Absolutely, Ellen

What a great observation. I am always astonished when someone is surprised that animals feel emotion or have personalities or are more than 'just pets'. Hehehe, my husband, who said he loved animals, has received a real education on cats - he never before considered that they communicated anything beyond the basic 'feed me'! I fully agree that when we are as observant about the people in our environment as we are about our cats we find ourselves a lot more compassionate and understanding.

It is great to read the updates about the kitties in your 'herd'. Thanks!

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Thanks!!!! I work retail too and between the members of the public, other employees, and the critters, I may one day be qualified to work at the U.N. or have my own daytime talk/advice show!! HA HA!!!!!!
One of my ferals, Mr. Buddy Moon Pie, has decided after about a year and a half that pats are okay!!!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!! Just like that....like a light switch being turned on...amazing...
This white and patchy brown tabby DSH kitty always cringed away from me and I respected that...
Now he wants lots of pats, pets, and neck scratchies!!!!! Go figure....
He's just made this breakthrough in the last few days...we are working on his tolerating being combed now....
I lay the flea comb down where he can see it, then give him pats and neck itchies, then pick up the comb and let him sniff it...lay the comb down and pat him again....
He let me comb the side of his neck a tiny bit this a.m....HOORAY!!!!
Buddy Moon Pie has an extremely rare form of diabetes called Diabetes Insipidus....incredibly, awesomely rare...it's a hormonal deficit..not anything to do with insulin levels, etc. like Diabetes Mellitus (spelling?).
For those curious, check out the excellent site, www.surroundedbycats.com , there are actually three cats with this at this lady's shelter!!!!
Thanks and Pats to all of your kitties and critters!!!
Ellen and the Herd
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Hi Mayree,
No pictures yet...I've a photo somewhere that Missy's former human gave me...will have to turn the place upside down and find it...
I'm saving up to buy a digital camera....will be able to photograph the kitties and put 'em right on the 'net then....
Thanks very much and pats to your kitties,
Ellen and the Herd of Critters
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I just went through and caught up reading this thread. I am so impressed with the patience and dedication you have shown these poor neglected babies in socializing and caring for them. Ther sould be a special place in Heaven for people like you!
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This is a great story!!! I rescued Tyson three weeks ago and he has limited vision in his right eye. He was attacked by another animal He comes out from under the bed only to eat his wet food (with his medicine crushed inside it) and for his nightly pet. Then when I go to sleep he gets in his cage - has a snack - some water and scratches around in his litter box for awhile. He is slowly making progress and I am in no hurry with him.

Keep up the good work I enjoyed reading about your brave kitty
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I love the updates! So glad Missy is progressing. It is wonderful what you are doing with them all.
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Keep them updates coming Ellen! It is just great reading about the Herd - what really fab names you have for them all.
take care
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Will do!!!
I enjoy giving the kitties really unusual names, so fun for everyone...
I've Empress Cleopatra von Pittypats (very exotic, haughty Siamese/DSH ladycat), General Sterling Price -- all 20+ pounds of him...., "La Bella Notte" ("the beautiful night" in Italian), The Crashman (impulsive, door-destroying red tabby with white...perhaps a hollywood stuntman in another life (Ha Ha), Roy Orbison Gato (classic brown tabby Maine Coon type, a swaggering, sauntering "hunkalicious dude cat of love"!!!), Potpourri the Fairy Princess Kitty (my kitty daughter who's 16 in July), Mr. Buddy Moon Pie (a sweet feral who has the very rare Diabetes Insipidus), and a few more....
Pats to all your critter friends,
Ellen and the Herd
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Originally Posted by ellentheartist
Will do!!!
I enjoy giving the kitties really unusual names, so fun for everyone...
The Crashman (impulsive, door-destroying red tabby with white...perhaps a hollywood stuntman in another life (Ha Ha), and a few more....

Ellen and the Herd
The Crashman! Wonder what you would've named my 21 lb coyote-clubber Sasha? I love it! Your home must be a magical place!
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Tell me more about Sasha...sounds like a real piece of work if he can club a coyote!!! What happened with the coyote?????
My sister helped me name The Crashman...the only one she helped on, but wow, did she ever nail that one!!! He IS The Crashman...pm me if you'd like to see a photo of him....I've one where he's doing an EXCELLENT spacey-cat, not too bright expression, while he strategizes his next destructo-move!!!!!
In listing the names, I also left out the twin tabby sisters, Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor-Blackberry...
They are just over one yr. now, and are brown tabbies with creamy-white paws, tummies, and undersides. Zsa Zsa is a bullseye tabby (appropriate) and Eva is a mackerel tabby...they look VERY MUCH ALIKE. I got 'em at 4 weeks old...one of our delivery drivers found them...the local animal control thought they looked sickly and suggested he call me to ask if I'd take them (they would probably euthanize 'em)....I groaned...had 13 at the time, but what the heck, what's two more???? The kittens spent the afternoon riding around town in a bucket in the cab of the truck...
I de-flea'd 'em and right away, Zsa Zsa displayed her uncanny ability to slap me in the face, she can deliver a left or a right hook!!! Eva was more easy going....they both had adorable, soft little black pawpads, like blackberries...and very ouchy claws!!! Hence their names: Zsa Zsa and Eva Gabor-Blackberry!!!!
Neither was sick, just very dirty and tiny......they both eventually tested negative for FeLV and FIV -- when they weighed enough to be tested...
Zsa Zsa and Eva would dearly love a home of their own with adults and kids over 12 maybe....anyone know of a Central VA home to fit the bill????? They are a piece of work...Zsa Zsa loves to play (supervised) with helium-filled balloons!!! She'll grab the 'bloon's ribbon and tow it around the room, FEARLESS!!!!
Thanks and Heaps of Meows to your kitties!!!
Ellen and the Herd
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Negs, how's Tyson doing?????
Ellen and the Herd
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Bless you, Ellen, for being such a kind, good person!
I always feel my blood pressure rising when I hear about rotten people who should never have been entrusted with an animal in the first place. It always makes me wish I could have five minutes alone with them to show them the error of their ways. They probably wouldn't learn anything, but it'd sure make me feel better.
I sure hope everything becomes wonderful for you both and kitty blossoms for you into a fine, loving companion. I am sure she will have ample opportunity with you to have a great life.
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Missy's actually starting to PLAY a tiny bit!!! She'll ever so gently nip the folded paper towel that I use to give her her spongebaths!!! And she'll pat it carefully with her little forepaw!!!!
She's still very quiet, but it's fine by me to go at her pace...
Her weight's improvin g daily, can't feel her vertebre any more when petting down her back...she's still a bit hip-boney...her tail has re-fgrown...when I got her, she had a flea allergy hairloss issue....no fleas whatsoever now...none dare set foot in my house!!!
Her fur is all nice and shiny and soft....
Just thought I'd post an update...
Hugs to all your kitties,
Ellen and Sweet Missy LaPurr and the Herd
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oh Ellen, this is so heartwarming to hear. I'm glad it was a jolly Easter out your way. Wonderful!
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Ellen - Thanks for the update. We're rooting for you and your whole herd!
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