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Hi Tia,

Well you may or may not know but my family owned a small Pizza & Fish n Chip for a couple of years which we closed in 2002. I can honestly say (I worked there) that we never had any really rude customers to deal with, we dealt with all the locals and they were really friendly. Plus our gourmet pizzas were made fresh before your eyes!
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There is no excuse for anyone to be rude to anybody else. We all serve a purpose and good honest work should be lauded regardless of what one does. I have a friend who LOVES to clean - she's a cleaning lady at a hospital and a dang good one too.

Once in a restaurant (I was treating my husband), the waitress pandered to his every whim and pretended I was invisible for the most part. When the check came my husband said (a little louder than necessary), thanks honey for the nice treat. OOPS! I left her not one penny for a tip. When she came to retrieve the credit card slip, before I gave it to her, I calmly told her why she got no tip. She just flippantly said no problem and stormed off.
I had actually overheard her tell another of the waitresses that she hadn't made much money in tips that day - I wonder why!

Normally I'm a generous tipper, but she was actually rude to me and since I was the one paying that was a big error on her part.
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Oh Tia I´ll send you a big hug! so sorry what happen...
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when i was a airline reservationist, i learned the order you need to have them retrieve your reservation. now, when i call, i automatically give the info in order - they're always very surprised & pleased. it's worth it to find out how people prefer things - then they're so much nicer to deal with!
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Thank goodness for Pizza Hut having online ordering. I order the pizza, an d even use the coupns all online. It is SO easy and convienent. YThe last time I ordered pizza on the phone I got into a huge fight with the girl because she was very rude and unfriendly and actually used the F word with me! I called back to speak to the manager and she kept hanging up on me so I had to call another one of their locations and speak to that manager who called the store where the problem was and spoke to that manager. I ended up getting a $30 credit applied there under our phone number. After that I tried the online thing and have been very pleased. It will even tell you how long it will take for the pizza to be delivered.
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I work inbound customer service, for an automobile financing company. I'll answer a call and people will immediately start screaming "I paid off my car, now WHERE'S my title?" or "Why can't you lower my interest rate?" They don't identify themselves, have their account numbers or want to verify their security information. Under the privacy laws, we have to make every attempt, to verify that the person we are speaking to is authorized on the account. We cannot give out personal financial information, to anyone who isn't authorized, by the customer.

The ones screaming about their titles, have usually mailed the payoff, a couple of days before. The post office takes between 5-7 BUSINESS days to deliver mail. Our cashiering department posts the payoff, within 24 hrs. If the payoff isn't certified funds, it can take up to 10 days, to clear the account and release the title. Then, it is another 5-7 BUSINESS days, for the post office to deliver that.

Please don't scream at your lowly customer service rep. If you will calmly state your issue, nine times out of ten, he/she will be able to resolve your issue, then and there.

Bill and I order pizza, from a local shop. Our previous favorite "PJ's" messed up our last few orders and "PH" kept referring me to another branch. After calling three, within a 2-mile radius, I called Chariot Pizza. We had our dinner, in under half an hour!
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Muahahahha, I too have worked in the food industry, done hair and nails too, and I used to tell my customers this, "an intellegent person never messes with someone who is handling their food, hair or nails....even a stupid person only does it once, unless they are blind deaf and dumb......" they usually took the point right away... :-)
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Fast food. Ah, rage.

Once, while working at Taco Bell when I was 16, I had to get two more pennies for someone's change, as my drawer was out of pennies. I told the guy, who was a jerk, that I was getting additional change from the other register. I smiled nicely. I reached for the cashier next to me, needing to buy more change from him. As my back was slightly turned, my customer started screaming about how I was stealing from him, picked up the cash register, and slammed it onto my back.

My neighbor cashier backed away really fast, as I went down to my knees. The bad guy vaulted the counter, and started grabbing all the cash he could get his hands on. I had managed to get back to my feet, and he slammed me back into the steam cabinet. As my back is burning (literally), he was screaming invectives at me, and I was smacking him as best I could. I reached over and got a hot spatula full of beans (it was the closest thing to me) and slammed it on his head.

At this point, two guys who'd been eating there came over the counter, pulled this (edited, but it rhymes with hutherpucker) off me, and got him down on the ground. Fortuitously, there was a cop car who'd just decided to come here for dinner, and were walking in. The cops came over the counter, pulled their weapons, put the bad guy in cuffs, and got me ice for my back. They called backup, and an ambulance.

The shop closed down for the night, but fed all the cops who showed up. I went to the hospital, no tacos for me. We lived a block and a half away, and my brother saw the lights and sirens and got my Dad as I was on the stretcher. Poor Dad.

Turns out the bad guy had a serious record, and was prosecuted. I went back to work for a few weeks, but couldn't deal with I quit (Dad was very happy). Good thing, too, because about 6 weeks after I quit, there was a murder and attempted murder at the store. Who did it? The bad guy...he was "looking" for me.

I testified at his trial, and he pled guilty in the middle of it. I wasn't yet 18 when I testified and didn't really understand all the ramifications of things.

I don't go to Taco Bell anymore, and this was more than 20 years ago.

MyRage, I'm sorry you had a bad day. It sucks when people get mad for no reason. For the record, I am always polite and nice when getting fast food, pizza, or other delivery.

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EEK! What horror stories!
I am working as a temp at the national customer service call center for the United States Postal Service. People that call in are nice for the most part, but we get some real Jacka$$es, too. The will start screaming numbers at us as son as we answer the phone, needing zip codes. We have to ask several questions to calculate postage, and people get all bent out of shape. The worst is asking for the info for domestic package shipping.
"What zip code are you sending it from?"
"West Podunk, Arkansas."
"What zip code, please?" This will go on several times until they finally scream the zip code at me.
"What zip code is it going to?"
"North Hell, Nebraska."
"What zip code, please?" Then we go back and forth until they scream that zip code at me.
After I finally get that out of them, then I ask how much it weighs.
"I don't know, it's just a small box, however much that weighs."
"Approximately how much please?"
"Maybe 15 pounds." (A SMALL BOX?!)
"How fast do you need to get it there?"
"I want it there by tomorrow, how much will it cost?"
Then the fun begins!
And they wonder why people "go postal!"
Oh yeah, we are supposed to accomplish all this in 110 seconds.
I won't even go in to "check day!"

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Originally Posted by noni
Turns out the bad guy had a serious record, and was prosecuted. I went back to work for a few weeks, but couldn't deal with I quit (Dad was very happy). Good thing, too, because about 6 weeks after I quit, there was a murder and attempted murder at the store. Who did it? The bad guy...he was "looking" for me.

I testified at his trial, and he pled guilty in the middle of it. I wasn't yet 18 when I testified and didn't really understand all the ramifications of things.
Wow. A case of fast food truly killing. (Although I know fast food does contribute to heart disease and obesity.) What a scary story.
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I'm so sorry you had such a rough day, Tia.It's just a shame that some people don't know how to treat others with respect, realizing that the person on the other end of the phone line is just like you and me, someone's sister, wife, mother...with feelings too! As a server and a cashier, I sometimes received this sort of rude treatment. I remember more than once when I was serving that someone was so incredibly rude in speaking to me and calling me a variety of names we can't print here due to a mistake from the kitchen, that I just started to cry, yet continued to try to get there order as they wanted it. Even as an RN, I am sometimes with families experiencing such turmoil that they sometimes forget I'm a person, too. At least this is understandable. I am there to care for them, not visa versa.
Thank you for explaining this to us from your standpoint. I know we will all take this to heart. In fact, I may just be needing to order a pizza tomorrow. Not for the pizza, of course, just to see how sweet I can be to the individual who answers the phone!
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2
"What zip code are you sending it from?"
"West Podunk, Arkansas."
"What zip code, please?" This will go on several times until they finally scream the zip code at me.
"What zip code is it going to?"
"North Hell, Nebraska."
"What zip code, please?" Then we go back and forth until they scream that zip code at me.
LOL! this reminds me of the people in Hawaii who would call for airlines reservations. you would ask where they wanted to leave from, & they would say "here". just couldn't understand we didn't know where they were! usually, i had to say something like, "sir, i'm in Texas. where are you?" then they'd tell me, but add on, "is this costing me money" (local number, but switched thru telephone magic to 800 number... they dialed a local number, but got a central reservation service!) answer of course was no.... & then there were the people who thought we were at the airport & could look for their bags...
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Wow Michele, that was an incredibly scary story! Yikes! It's awful that something like that would happen to anyone, but you were so young! You must have been terrified!
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I've only had a few instances in which a server was rude to me. First time was at a restaurant in which live music was playing - the place was about 20% full. We asked the server for a dessert menu to which he replied, "just dessert - how long are you going to stay here?" He took so long to get us our coffees (cold night out) that we just put the money for the drinks on the table and left. Second time, my husband had taken me to dinner to cheer me up (my dad had recently died), the server was "in a hurry" she stood right next to us and sighed even though we told her we needed a few minutes before we ordered. Then I asked if one of the dishes contained nuts (I'm not allergic but sometimes they make me break out) - she rolled her eyes at us, turned around and left. When she came back, she was heavy on the attitude. We ended up having to speak to the manager.

We left without eating anything. Who knows what they would have done to the food ? It seems that people with legitimate complaints really can't complain AND expect to eat in the same restaurant without some petty individual trying to "get back at them."
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Hubby and I like to eat at "Buffets" and I am always polite to the people that clear our used dishes. When we first started going, the staff was surprised when I thanked them. I noticed they came to our table nearly twice as much as the tables of people that ignored them. I also thank the servers who refill our sodas or water. I come from a family that has worked as waitresses and I have also in the past. I hate it when people treat you like you are invisiable. Oh and we always tip, even if the order was wrong as I know the waitress doesn't prepare the food she only brings it out and she is the one who has to face the chef to remake it..
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I get a kick out of some of my customers. We ask them to verify their addresses and phone numbers and they give us their Social Security numbers. I'll ask, "what state is that address in?" and the customer will say "Pittsburgh" or "Newark". A lot of them don't even know the year, make or model of their vehicle: "Its a red Jeep". Yup, I can type "red Jeep" into the computer and their account will magically pop up!
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the worst thing is that customers make you feel so invisible! when the sales come on people literally barge you out of the way when your refilling the racks to look at the merchandise then wonder why you dont want to help them.

one woman asked me if we had a dress in a size 10 in any of the local stores then got all nasty when i told her (politley) that i'd have to call around the stores and ask them. she actually said to me that i obviously dont know the stock that well! er, no, working a saturday job doesnt grant me psychic powers!

at the store i work in we had customer serive cards with a free post address on the back that a customer could fill in and send of to head office. atleast 10 customers filled out the cards with good comments about me (i know becuase i posted them myself, lol) and what did i get in return - nothing! the cards were not once acknowledged and i got no rewards for going above and beyond my call of duty.

being a student i work 5 days a week at uni and two in a store. earning only minimum wage and being treated like dirt gives me no incentive to be nice to customers.

i quit last week becuase i'm fed up with being treated so badly by managment and customers alike.

grrrrrrrr, it makes my blood boil the way people treat others!
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I am so sorry you have to put up with this. I do not understand how some people are so mean to service people. You do a great job! All of you work hard and do not deserve such horrible treatment.
I always try to compliment pizza delivery people, servers at restaurants, clerks, etc. I make it a point to look at their name tag, if they have one, and I call the manager to tell him or her what great servie I receive.
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Yes, MamaCat, it was scary. But I made it through. He's happily rotting behind bars (still). I feel bad for the families of those he hurt or killed, though. They weren't able to put the memories behind them as easily as I could; they've lost loved ones, or the loved ones were seriously hurt. Sad, really.

Several things I love to do. I do indeed compliment excellent service, and I make sure I do those note cards, too.

One of my favorite things I do is after a nice dinner with great service, I call the manager to the front desk. They usually show up with great concern etched on their face. I tell them "people are very quick to criticize, but I like to be quick to compliment. Your server Joe Blow was outstanding tonight, and I really appreciate it. We left a large tip, but I wanted to let you know what a great employee you have working for you." And then I usually follow it up with a letter saying the same thing.

Takes about 10 minutes of my time (inlcuding the letter), and postage. But what it can mean to someone is immeasurable.

Just something to think about.

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Michelle - That's horrible. I'm glad the lowlife is rotting behind bars!

I spent 19 years in the bar & restaurant industry. I am SO GLAD to be out of it, even though I really liked some of the patrons and the adreniline rush when really busy. It only took one bad customer to ruin my day.

I treat service people with a lot of respect and tip well. Rarely do I find one who doesn't deserve it.
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I'm sorry you had such a horrable day I hope tommorrow is a better day for you here are some big hugs to help you feel better
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I've worked in fastfood and retail, and I'm a social worker although not currently working as one. It's amazing some of the things people will say and do. When I was 15-18 I worked as a cashier/cook at a fast food taco place and I had customers throw drinks and food at me, cuss at me, call me stupid. It's amazing. We had one guy that kept driving through with his you know what hanging out of his pants. We called the police everytime and eventually just started keeping a pot of coffee by the window! My fiancee worked at Wendy's throughout highschool and one man decided to jump over the counter. His manager was standing right there and met him half way, pushing him down and tackling him. She is one tough lady. Right now I work as a server at the Olive Garden and I'm a grad student. It's amazing how many people talk down to me. I just keep thinking, I'm probably better educated than you are! Some people just can't understand how their food needs to be cooked- it doesn't sit under a warmer all day. It is also amazing how many people believe we have free breadsticks, drinks, and salads. I can't count the amount of people who get angry over a bill when they've eaten three bowls of salad, several baskets of breadsticks, and several glasses of soda. They literally think we give this stuff out for free and then demand to see a manager! On the positive side, most of my guests are wonderful. I really love it when guests call me by my name and tell me I'm doing a good job. It really does make our day 100% better and I will do everything I can to give you the best service possible. We have servers who "fight" over certain tables because we know the guests are so great.
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