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Looking for a recipe that was posted

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ok a few months ago a cake recipie was posted. It was a Cat litter recipie. Where you buy cake mix ,food coloring ,tootsi rolls and a new cat box ,cat linner ,and pooper scooper. If anyone has this recipie PLEASEEEEEEE post it up again.

IM plaining on making it for christmas as a desert. hehe AND also if any one has any christmas chicken recipies can you please share. Im not fond of turky so im cooking 2 big chickens instead.

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what did i just read???
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Now i get it!!!!
Becuase of what you said i was looking at the cat litter box with the scooper and im thinking who the hell is going to eat that

Interesting i want to see this recipe!
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LOL im so sorry. Im looking for the cake recipie that comes out looking like a litter box after you finish making it.

IM looking for chicken recipies for Whole chickens that are cooked in the oven. I use lemon pepper on all my cooking. My guy just loves the stuff. Im cooking it for christmas dinner.

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Hey other Ashley , Here it is
Fran go take a look... its really cute
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All you have to do is do a Google search for Kitty Litter Cake, the recipe has been around forever-
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I don't have my copy of Cooking with Cattitude here (at work) but I'm pretty sure the Litter Box cake is in that. You might also find a chicken recipe you like.

If you haven't got your copy of Cooking with Cattitude, it's well worth the $10

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I would like to get that book its just i dont know how to pay for it except with the EC card.

I dont think i will make that cake!!
my kitty might get mistaken!
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ash_bct and hissy and rapunzel47

NOw I can gross out my guests when it comes to desert time. lol

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Thanks to this recipe, I will never look at Tootsie Rolls the same way, again...
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Okay, I laughed my butt off seeing the picture! Mind-over-matter here folks, I don't think I could EAT that being a cat-mom myself LOL!!

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