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todays radio question: 12/16/04

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How many of you are done completely with your shopping??
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Don't I wish!!!!
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I would like to say that I am but if I see something else for David or Meish I am sure that I will buy it.
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I am Happy to say, I AM DONE!!
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Originally Posted by KittenKrazy
Don't I wish!!!!
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Originally Posted by pjk5900
I am Happy to say, I AM DONE!!

Patty, on behalf of all of us that arent' done,

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Don't I wish. I've barely started. However I SHOULD be done by the end of this week... hopefully!
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ME!!!. I bought my last one last weekend
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HAH! I haven't started, except for the kitties!
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I haven't started. I'm on vacation next week so we'll take a day and go get it done. Don't have many to buy for it so it won't take long at all
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Everytime I say I'm done I think of more things to pick would help if my Dad would stop calling and saying could you pick up one more thing for your Mom.
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Just a couple of little things. Some stocking fillers for my daughter. She's 18 (almost) and still wakes up at 3 am on Christmas morning . So she opens her stocking and then goes back to sleep til REAL morning!
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Who's the comedian that wrote THAT question?
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hummm, have about 10 more to get!
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My mother is TAKING MEEEEEEE christmas shopping tomorrow
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I'm done with my family and friends but I am going this Saturday to shop for my kitties!
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Not yet! Just have a couple of gift cards to get and one or two small things...I think

Oh, and the girls - I think we are going to buy them a window perch if we can find a big enough one
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I'm done with everything but the stocking stuffers!
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I'm 42 and still get up at 3am - O.K. maybe 4am. And you thought maybe someday you'd be able to sleep in!
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I always say I am done, but it's never official until the stores close on Christmas Eve. I manage to find a gazillion more things that someone would just love to have and buy it. Luckily, half the money for the boy's dirt bikes put a huge dent in my budget and I am having to watch my money carefully this year.
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I only have one more person to buy for and that's my housemate and then im done
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Nope - not even close to finishing.
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