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hello again!

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well, i didn't survive the great crash of '04 (if only i had registered a month earlier!) so here i am re-introducing myself and loki.

my sister discovered loki this august after he had been left by his previous owners at their vet's office because they were moving ... he had been living in a cage in the waiting room for 4 months! he is an adorable 3.5 year-old dark grey DSH - he purrs like a engine and likes to snuggle so i have no idea why he wasn't adopted sooner. i guess we were meant to have him in our family!

since i'm at home writing up my master's thesis and available for playtime at a moment's notice, we have become the best of friends and now my sister is jealous of all the lap time loki deems me worthy of.

i don't post much (i'm not much of a talker) so i don't have an impressive post count to rebuild, but i'm very glad everything is back up and running since the info i've gotten from these forums has helped me and my whole family survive the first few months of living with a cat for the first time!
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Hi Tanya Welcome Again to TCS!!!!!
I was a kitten again...........
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Hi again! Welcome back! Loki's very handsome... glad he's keeping you company while you write your thesis!
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Hi and welcome back to the site.
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Welcome back Tanya and Loki!
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So happy you've returned, Tanya and Loki!
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I agree!! so glad you have returned

I dont personally remember the story of Loki - so I am glad to read it now!! how wonderful of you to adopt him - he certainly is handsome
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Forgot to mention earlier how very gorgeous Loki is!
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