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scared kitty making progress

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My little scaredy cat is making progress! Finally! I must tell something silly on myself, but it seemed to help. My guilty pleasure is to play country music and caterwaul along with it while I am home alone cleaning. I was doing this yesterday and felt something watching me. There sat Pearl looking at me like I had done something to make her happy. I leaned over and sang softly to her and she nuzzled my face. I couldn't believe it! She is back to sitting in her rocking chair, getting petted, and allowing me to cuddle her a little. She follows me around and sits at my feet, and turns her little chin up to be scratched. She even came up and sat on the far edge of my computer desk earlier. She still has a way to go toward being a normal, naughty kitty, but she has suddenly made a great stride. I am thrilled with my sweet little girl! :laughing: :kitty5:
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My Dani is about a year old and she's just as skittish as your kitty. I can't carry a tune to the corner and if I try singing, she'd call the ASPCA accusing me of cruel and unusual punishment.

I've had Dani for 2 months and a few weeks ago, she began an odd thing. She climbs up on my bed, usually in the early morning, gets on the pillow behind me and plays wih my hair, sometimes she runs her paws through it and other times she licks it. If that doesn't wake me, she'll come around and lick my forehead sometimes. I swear her little tongue feels like she's waxing my eyebrows. Sandpaper isn't that rough
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My little Midnight, (who recently died), was a shelter cat who was skittish at first too. Midnight had an early morning behavior that she kept up for years. She would purr very loudly while she kept nudging and licking me, it was something I learned to get used to. And it's something that I really miss now.

In her later years, Midnight had some of the same behaviors that Pearl has, she would follow me around and sit at my feet too. And she learned she would get a lot of attention if she sat on the edge of my computer desk and looked really cute.
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I'm going through the same thing right now with my little 1 yr old siamese, it makes me feel better knowing that eventually I'll have a kitty to love on too! Thanks for the encouragement!
Easter's Mom
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