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Originally Posted by Ali012281
This is my favorite shot of my feline friend.

i can see why - she's so beautiful in this pic!
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Love the pics!!
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Here is a new shot of my girl.
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Oh she is a beauty, I Love Grey kitties also
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Meish is beautiful Gray kitties are certainly beauties!
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We only get one new picture?! That's it? She's lovely as always, but I want more!
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Aw I love that picture - she's gorgeous! Although, what did you put on her?
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LOL. That was davids empty box of Godiva chocolates

Next time he said he's going to prop her up with a can of beer.
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yay - new Meish pictures!! She looks so relaxed in the second set.
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Poor baby had a rough day
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The table apparently upset Meishka....

And Davids sneakers knocked her out.

Gotta love a cardboard scratcher in the sun.

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

"Love you like a fat kid loves cake, Meowmy"
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awwww, beth I love the new pictures of Meish. I especially like the one of her curled all around the table.

I also wanted to say I love your red curtains!!!
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Thanks. The curtains are new. I was sick of everything in the house blue lol
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aaweee, she's cute and what nice pictures
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Great pictures and what a cute cat. Love the star war eyes pictures
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Does your kitty think she has a weight problem? Is that why she was weighing herself in that picture? She looks fine to me. You are beautiful just the way you are, Meishka.
Wonderful Pictures
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