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Let me just start with my little christmas tree.

Now for Kitty Pics

Here is Meish with her star wars eyes

And my favorite of her so far. I was searchin the entire house for her and then I saw that Davids army closet was open and here is where I found her.

asleep in his sock basket. Awwwww
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I love the Christmas tree! And those last 2 pictures of Meish are just gorgeous... what a sweetheart she is! Thanks for posting the pictures... when do we get to see more?
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Originally Posted by Ali012281
Here is Meish with her star wars eyes

you're right, she looks just like those jawas!
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I forgot to add that the pic where Meishka is using her scratcher as a pillow.... I thought she was dead!!! I tried calling her and she was OUT cold!!! LOL... I had to move her scratcher... bad mommy
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Well, the scratcher doesn't look like the softest pillow in the world so I can see why you would think that... too funny though!
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Meish loves that silly thing. I put it by her little cat house at night and when I get up in the morning its halfway across the living room. And when she gets yelled at for being naughty she goes over to it, sits on it, pouts then rips it apart. She's just like a little kid.
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Those pictures are so cute!!! I love your Christmas Tree, so cute......Love it! My kitty likes to sleep under our tree, he comes out full of pine needles.


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OMG she's gorgeous Oh how I love the gray kitties
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I love your tree and your kitties are so cute.
Thanks for sharing!
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She's just beautiful!
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Thanks everyone for all the nice comments. I just love hearing these things
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Perfect angels - they just need halos !!!!
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Beth -- I must've missed this thread during my computer crash!!! What gorgeous pictures of Meish (well maybe not the star wars eyes one ) but she is such a pretty kitty. That last one is too precious.
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thats so funny with the cat nip
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Meish is so cute! *Bumping this thread for more pics too*
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LOL... great pics! Looks like she really enjoyed her catnip scratcher...lol
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LOL. Thanks guys. I have some pics on the other computer of Meishka and I'll change computers in a few min and put some up
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Yay!! Can't wait!

Oooh... my 1300th post! Yay again!
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Aww,she is a beutiful girl!
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Okay. Here are some new pictures of my girl.

I was able to hide my face at the last minute in this one

We hid her toy in the sofa

Bath time!

Nap Time!!

She's a little grumpy in the mornings

Hide and Seek

And sitting pretty! This is my favorite shot of my feline friend.

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How could I forget this picture!!! Here is Meish and her Daddy after her humans ideas of her bathtime.

Oh. And check out her chin in this bath picture compared to the last one!!! There is 2 weeks difference there. Its been 2 months in the process but her acne is finally going away and her fur is growing back!!!
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Just as well that I bumped this thread!

Thanks for the new pics Beth. You've got a gorgeous family!
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Aw, I'm so glad to finally see new pictures of Meish! She looks so gorgeous in that picture that you like, and I love her little window perch... looks cozy! I'm glad her acne is clearing up - yay!
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She's so cute!
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What an absolute sweetheart!!!

Does she like having baths?...I mean the human version...
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Meishka is so beautiful, and what neat Star Wars eyes!You have a lovely Christmas tree, Beth!
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Just saw her next picture, I'm so glad her acne is clearing up! She's so cute cuddling with her Daddy!
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Thanks everyone. I'm quite proud of my little family. And no... Meishka doesn't care for the human bathtime one bit. I had a really great picture from during her bath but David deleted it off the camera because he said it scared him. haha.
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Did I post this one of her?

She's so funny when she plays.
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Ha ha, I don't think I've seen that one!
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