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OMG!! HISSY!!! I feel so badly about your DH!! My DH is AS stubborn--or maybe moreso!!! Men.....
My DH is ill a LOT--and he is ALWAYS diminishing what the heck is wrong. Soooooooo..... I just have to watch him like a hawk--just like YOU!! I do hope they can get your DH's blood sugar under control, but I suspect that when they get his infection/abcess under control--the blood sugar may very well drop to where it is a lot more manageable. I am glad you followed your intuition (NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN!!!!!!! )
That was SO horrific about that accident!! You HAD to be SO very traumatized by it all.... How awful!!! Cars are so dangerous in a fog--but add a motorcycle into that equasion (and a deer!) and it is an accident waiting to happen..... I really DO hope he feels a lot better, really soon. I had a concussion a few years ago--and just a word to the wise (you! ) If he takes care of the bills/checkbook, maybe it would be a WAY better idea for YOU to do it--or at least be there with him, when he does!! With my concussion, I had NO concentration span at A-L-L and I screwed the checkbook up SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly!!!!!!!
((HUGS)) to YOU and DH!!!
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Hey MA, how are you and Mike today??
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I was wondering that too Cindy?
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I was wondering, too. Mike is hopefully making some progress.
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