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Well, it's a good job that Mike finally went to the doctor. You both take care now - sending lots of healing vibes to Mike and strength to MA.
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Pleased to hear he's sorted, where would we be with out painkillers and antibiotics
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Originally Posted by flisssweetpea
Well, it's a good job that Mike finally went to the doctor. You both take care now - sending lots of healing vibes to Mike and strength to MA.
Prayers for you both.
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That's pretty severe pain. Thank God he's going to the doctor. Try to go with him and speak to the doctor. Guys also often don't tell the doctor everything.
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I am so glad he finally went to the doctor. My stubborn one went 18 hours untreated with a severely broken leg, so I know how difficult it can be to watch. Sending out thoughts, prayers, and good vibes from the right coast.
Both of you, get some rest and feel better!
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Glad it finally got sorted out. Sending strong get well vibes from the UK.
Take care
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I just saw this, and read through to see if there was a post-dr's visit report.
Your dh is lucky...I'm glad there was enough pain to get him to go in, sepsis is nothing to fool with, nor are blood sugar readings like that

I hope he feels much better very soon, you two need a quiet, with no emergencies Christmas next week!
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aww what a nasty infection
but atleast you now know that there was something wrong with him
I hope he gets better real soon
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MA-hope he starts to feel better soon! Take it easy yourself

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I'll be keeping you and Mike in my thoughts like everyone else here. It's good he's finally going to the doctor and I hope his appointment goes well.
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Hissy, I sending lots of healing vibes in Mikes direction. I'm glad he finally went to the doctor.
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Wow, MA, sorry to hear it is so nasty! Definitely nothing to fool with! Let's hope it not only heals quickly, but that he learns to listen to his concerned wife from now on.
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Good grief! How stubborn do you have to be to kill yourself? Your Mike is very fortunate to have you around looking after him. My dad is a diabetic, has been since he was 17 (about 46 years!). He used to be stubborn - until he was faced with an abcess on his foot that took almost a whole year to heal. Good luck with keeping Mike's blood sugar readings down while he's in the bed.
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Aww MA you are one patient woman!
Hoping for a speedy recovery for Mike, and a nice, quiet, peaceful Christmas for you both!
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oh my!! I am SO glad he went to the docs. He is so lucky to have you. Let him know that his hidden agenda to keep you distracted by your new computer station and not on his health and sugar levels did not fly.
You certainly have your hands full with all the kitties, Mike, your articles, deadlines, holidays and the like. We're thinking of you and Mike~~
Elizabeth, Eric & Sasha
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232???!!!!!!!! WHAT is he thinking? I thought that my mother was bad.

If he isn't concerned about himself, doesn't he care about how the stress and the worry affect YOU? Time to lay a guilt trip on him. Maybe that will make him behave.

I'm glad that you caught this but, what else is he hiding? Get him stoned on painkillers, strip him down and check him out, from head to toe.
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Tell him all of us said My family is almost all diabetic, and I know how tough it is on him.. my dad was taking a blueberry suppliment for the sugar.. If Mr. Mike is accepting of holistics, start him on some green tea and Geranium or Juniper supplements?
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Good thing he went to the Dr.. Husbands sure can be stubborn.

Sending mega healing vibes to Mike. I hope he is feeling better soon.

You two take it easy and both get some rest.
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Cindy years ago, I went the big guilt trip, I even had a funeral director come to the house and talk about coffins and funerals. It scared him about 2 weeks then he went back to his way of living, which is thinking nothing is wrong with him-

His mom was the type if he didn't eat all his food, she would heap more on his plate and force feed him the entire meal!! I will spare you the other details of what she did to him in regards to food, but it would make you hurl. I firmly believe that she was mentally ill to some extent and never sought help for it, instead she screwed up all three of her kids. He has been fighting weight all his life. I will never forget right after we were married, we were sitting on the couch talking and he asked me if i was hungry? It was about 9:00 p.m. I told him no. He went into the kitchen got half a head of cabbage, 4 carrots, a turnip, a bunch of radishes and some cherry tomatoes. He put all this in a large tupperware bowl and came and sat down! I asked him :censor::censor::censor: he was doing? He said he was having a snack! I pulled it all away from him and told him that it wasn't a snack, it was chef's salad for four! Then I went in and fixed him 4 carrot sticks and 3 radishes. He was not a happy camper-
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I am glad to hear your husband went to the dr. and are now up to date on his injuries.

Your last post about his mother force feeding him really hit a nerve with me. My dad would make us sit at the table until we ate all our food, regardless of whether we were full or not. That certainly is not a good eating habit to develop.

Have you heard anything about the accident you passed this morning?
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Mary Anne - I'm so glad to hear Mike went to the doctors, not so good to hear the outcome but I'm sending lots of vibes that he will be feeling much better soon! Also some calming vibes to you my friend.
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MA your husband is really lucky. If he wasn't in pain, I'd be kicking his butt right now for not telling you what was up with him! Daft bat! Hopefully now he'll stop being so stubborn about stuff like this Good luck to the both of you!
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Originally Posted by hissy
We are back home now and he is on pain meds, antibiotics and is on strict orders to start taking better care of himself- his blood sugar was 232! .
I am so glad that Mike decided to get to the doctor. Infections for diabetics are especially dangerous since the immune system already isn't working properly. I realize that 232 appears high, but blood glucose levels virtually always go up when the body is ill or fighting off some type of infection, so it may be as more an indication of his current state of stress and ill-health than indicative of a longer term lack of control. Just thought I would offer that bit of reassurance. I am diabetic as well and know how easily something over which you don't have much obvious control can cause fluctuations and rises in blood glucose levels.

I hope Mike is feeling better today and that he will soon be back to normal.

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How's Mike doing today?
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He is sore and in pain. I just changed his dressing and the wound looks a lot better than it did. He's had his meds and his daily whine and is now crashed on the couch-
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Hang in there MA.....give him our best!
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I hope he'll be feeling better soon Sending a tons of *Healing Vibes* for him.
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I'm glad it's looking better.

You're both in my prayers.
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This is so good to hear! I wonder if Gypsy is with him??
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Mike's mother sounded like my Dad's mother. Mom took a while to get him to eat better food.

If he can whine, it sounds like he is improving.
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