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Stubborn husband prayer answered

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Mike is going to the doctor today, just as soon as I get him an appointment. He does not want to go but last night was the very worse for him in regards to pain. He was in so much pain he was nauseated. I almost called an ambulance, but he wouldn't allow it. he scared me that much.

I have a feeling he is keeping something from me, because I don't think that what is going on has anything to do with falling. I suspect something else is working here, and it is something he knows about. Call it wifely intuition or a women's gut feeling...Please just think good thoughts for him. I have never seen him this scared-
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MA he's in my thoughts!, theres nothing worse than pain.

Have you asked him if he's keeping anything else from you?.
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OH MA, you know we're all here for you......what kind of pain is he in, if that's not too personal??
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I will be thinking of you and Mike, I hope you can find out what is wrong and get him all better soon!
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I'll keep you and Mike in my thoughts today. I do hope it isn't anything terribly serious...
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Keeping both of you in my prayers
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How wonderful that Mike has agreed to go to the Dr., MA! I'm so sorry he's experiencing so much pain. It must be so difficult for you to see him hurting this severely, and especially to not truly know what may be the issue.I am praying for you both!
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Lots of prayers coming from this direction my friend! Here's hoping that its nothing serious! {{HUGS}}
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oh MA, I'm sorry.. I hope that nothing seriously is wrong
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aw MA! i hope nothing is wrong!!!
I hope he heals real quick!
youre in my thoughts too
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Sending *Best Wishes and Good Vibes* your way.
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Sending lots of good thoughts for Mike and you too, MA.
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I'm definitely thinking of you, MA. Mike is in my prayers. I do hope there is nothing more serious wrong. to you both.
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Hey, MA Hope whatever it is that Mike is fearing turns out to be a false alarm. Who knows, if that's the case, maybe when he stops stressing over <whatever>, some of his pain will disappear, too. In any case, glad to hear he's getting checked out. This has got to be an ordeal for both of you! Many prayers and healing thoughts.
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Glad he is finally going in!
Lots of thoughts and prayers that everything turns out ok!!!
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MA I'm so glad Mike is going to see the doctor - let's hope it all works out alright . I hope it's nothing more than the fact he doesn't bounce as well as he used to!!

Keep us updated of how you both are doing.
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I'm sending good vibes from Germany - hopefully it'll turn out to be nothing serious!
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Both of You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Glad to hear he is finally going to the doctor and hope there is nothing too serious. Sending prayers.
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Just got back from the doctor’s. Mike was keeping something from me. When he fell he fell with such force that the trauma formed an abscess on his trunk. L The abscess was going septic- he also has a slight concussion. They kept him most of the morning, opened up the abscess and drained it and packed it and checked his neurological functions. We are back home now and he is on pain meds, antibiotics and is on strict orders to start taking better care of himself- his blood sugar was 232! He is also on complete bed rest for at least three days until the packing can be removed. The doc said it was a nasty infection right above his tail bone. Because we don’t go to bed now at the same time, I didn’t even see it! I get up way earlier than he does in the morning as well. Had I seen this nasty thing going on, I would have drug his butt to the doctor sooner. The nausea was from the pain and the concussion.
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Well MA, no one ever said raising husbands was easy......
Glad he's back home. Let's hope he's a good patient for you now......
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Good thing you caught it when you did or things might not have turned out as well. Thank goodness he is safe and home again. I'm sure after a good rest and the antibiotics he will be his old self again. Thanks for the update
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MA, I´m Sending good vibes for him soon recovery!
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Ouch! That sounds bad MA, but praise God that it wasn't any worse! Now, give him a message from one diabetic to another--TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF !
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Whoa! Well, what he's got is bad enough, but I'm glad it wasn't something even more serious. MA, you are way calmer than me, because I think I'd be going bonkers right about now about him not telling me.

I will certainly keep Mike in my prayers for a speedy recovery. God bless you for your patience, Saint Hissy! Hugs to you.
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232?! jadna majki... with the infection? shoot, he's going to be slow to heal if he keeps that up You box him 'round the ears once for me (gently though.. mind his head, lol) I didn't know you get up so early? do you work off the farm as well?
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Thanks guys, it was really foggy on the highway this morning. We came upon a horrible wreck A motorcyclist hit a deer, got knocked off his bike and the car behind him couldn't stop in time and ran over him. It happened so fast and in the fog no one could see anything) We came on it right after it happened, the emergency vehicles had just pulled up. There was nothing we could do but pray-
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Aw man? having a crappy holiday, instead of a happy one, are you? That's simply not allowed.. If you want I'll throw fruitcake at anything bad coming your way.. you'l have a fruitcake sniper in your bushes..
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
Aw man? having a crappy holiday, instead of a happy one, are you? That's simply not allowed.. If you want I'll throw fruitcake at anything bad coming your way.. you'l have a fruitcake sniper in your bushes..
There's a visual.

MA, I'm sorry things are going badly.
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Glad to hear your husband has been seen by a medical professional. Hope he feels better and sooner then later.
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