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Hobbes - sneak preview

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Hello again!!! i managed to sneak in a few pictures of Hobbes this morning while i was having breakfast. Here's Hobbes in his sage green basketball hoodie. Handsome eh? It's chilly today!!!!

Breakfast time

Basking in the sun on the kitchen window sill. He loves that window.

Chris (captiva), here's your Hobbes fix of the day hahaha.
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Oh, Hobbes. You are such a HANDSOME boy!

You look just adorable in that sweatshirt -- you should be on the cover of Abercrombie and Fitch's catalogue!

Could you please re-post the Sherlock Hobbes' pictures? I miss those!
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I LOVED the Sherlock Hobbes pictures! Those were great! But these sweatshirt Hobbes pictures will surely make up for my not being able to see him for ages - look at how handsome he is! He looks like he's grown up since the last time I saw him!

Thanks for posting pictures of him - he's so gorgeous! Post more now, please!
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Oh, Hobbes, you're so beautiful!What a gorgeous color you are!
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He's so mellow - my dog refuses to wear her clothes !
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he blends in with your orange wall!
my mum told me to make a lil pijama thing for my kitty.. i think i will start that tonight
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OMG he's so cute, I can't stand it! Better hide that kitty, 'cause I'm coming to steal him!
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Awww... Hobbes looks soooo cute in his sweatshirt
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Hobbes is a cute little dude in his hoodie...... I wish I had a hoodie like that too!!
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So is that a baby clothes or a kitty clothes?
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i wonder if my girls would wear clothes.... do they sell Plus-Sizes in kitty clothes?
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Aww what a cutie pie, he looks so cute with his little hoodie.
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He is so adorable, and growing into a handsome young cat, too
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Hobbes is so handsome in his hoodie
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do they sell Plus-Sizes in kitty clothes?

Hobbes has a bigger wardrobe than me! He is such a sweetie and looks so handsome in his clothes.
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Hobbes looks SO handsome in his new hoodie!

Sssshhh......don't tell Thomas and Cooper.....but they are each getting new sweaters for Christmas.
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OMG!!!! You knew I'd find it didn't you!!!!

Come here, Hobbes baby

That is adorable! I think that is my favorite one! Does he get the bathrobe for Christmas???? Ooops!! I mean is SANTA bringing him a robe for Christmas?
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Thanks for all the compliments everyone!!

Considered it done, Sherlock Hobbes pictures have been re-post in a new thread.

Denise: That is doggy clothes, size small. The neck hole is a tad roomy because Hobbes has a small lil head

Chris: Hobbes is gonna have a new red turtleneck sweater as well as a snowman fleece jacket. How spoilt is that?!
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Oh more Hobbes! Yay!
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