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Prayer af the Death of a Pet

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-from Prayers for the Domestic Church, by Edward Hays.

Lord God,
to those who have never had a pet,
this prayer will sound strange,
but to You, Lord of All Life and Creator of All Creatures,
it will be understandable.
My heart is heavy
as I face the loss in death of my beloved [name]
who was so much a part of my life.

This pet made my life more enjoyable
and gave me cause to laugh
and to find joy in his/her company.
I remember the fidelity and loyalty of this pet
and will miss his/her being with me.
From him/her I learned many lessons,
such as the quality of naturalness
and the unembarrassed request for affection.
In caring for his/her daily needs,
I was taken up and out of my own self-needs
and thus learned to service another.

May the death of this creature of Yours
remind me that death comes to all of us,
animal and human,
and that it is the natural passage for all life.
May [name] sleep on
in an eternal slumber in Your godly care
as all creation awaits the fullness of liberation.


We used this prayer for our sweet Katie when she passed last year as we buried her in the back yard. Then when my son's beta fish died a few months ago he requested that we read it again for the fish's burial. He had had the fish for 1-1/2 years and if ever a fish was part of the family, this fish was.

I hope it brings a bit of comfort to my friends here as well. I'm sorry if you guys get tired of me praying all the time. I find that the words in our church prayer book and other sources give me a little, tiny feeling of peace during traumatic times. And it only takes a little, tiny feeling of peace to start our souls on the way to healing.
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Oh, this is so touching. Thank you so much for sharing this prayer with us that it may help all of those in pain.
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Thats a very moving prayer. Religious or not the sentiment is the same and it was very thoughtful of you to share.
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Amen, thank you for sharing that wonderful prayer. I for one do not get tired of you praying, hugs.
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thankyou so much for sharing.
i agree with Alexis - religious or not we can all take comfort in that prayer
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Thank´s for share this Amie, is so beautiful.
I really hope this bring comfort to all us....
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