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Help! The baby is tearing us apart!

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My husband found our new kitten about six weeks ago. She was abandoned in a wood pile at an apartment complex with a no pet policy that a friend of ours owns. We bottle fed her, have taken great care of her, been very loving and gentle, and she's doing great. She's even been accepted by our two-year-old cats, Ozzy and Jesse (both spayed). However, now that she has her teeth, she constantly attacks our hands, feet, and faces. The only time she's not like this is when she's sleepy and then seeks comfort with my husband or myself by cuddling up on our necks, chest, or arms. We finally decided on a name...Lucy....sometimes middle name Furr! What can we do to stop the biting, crawling up pant legs, and jumping on our backs?!?!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Monica & Todd
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First of all set boundaries with her. It may be that you spoiled her (easy to do with bottle babies) and now she believes she is alpha over you. Here are some things to do when she attacks you:

First of all leave the room. leave the cat completely alone. Your ankles and legs are prey to her and she needs interactive play time with a toy like DaBird or just a lightweight feather toy on the end of a fishing line and pole. When you walk across your carpet or floor, make sure you have some cat toys in your pockets, ping pong balls and super balls are good. When you see her coming, toss the ball into a direction that she can see and she should go after the ball. If she does, and she bats it around a little bit, then drop a treat in front of her- she has chased the right prey, now it is time to reward her with food.

Do not ever use your fingers, or feet as play toys. So many cat owners are so tempted to wiggle their feet under the covers, or use their hands to make the kitty chase movement. Cats aren't dumb, they know that it is hands and feet under the covers, so what's the difference when they are uncovered.

You can also carry a whistle around your neck and when you see the attack coming, blow one short whistle to startle the cat out of behavior-

Getting her spayed will help as well-
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MA's correct. I made the big mistake by playing with Rosie with my hands when she was a kitten, but when i got Sophie i learnt through TCS never to do this and it certainly does work because Sophie never bites or scratches(unless by accident).
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I had a foster kitten who was the worst biter/scratcher that I've ever come across. The tips that Hissy offered are great. One thing I'll add if that if the kitten is sitting on your lap (or in your arms) and reaches out to bite/scratch you, a small puff in their face (purse your lips and blow) can stop them cold. Always follow up with a redirection to a toy. You are the kitten's mom now, so you have to show them what is wrong (without hitting them), as well as showing them what is right (toys).

You are an angel for saving this little one!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!!!!!!
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we have the same problems. A few cats climb our legs and yes it hurts if the nails are sharp. I do a toy swap with bitters. When they Bit swap the hand with a toy. WOrks pretty good with a fwe cats.

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one caution on the puff of air. On some cats this works, other cats will attack you if you blow air on them. So be aware of this and don't have your face close when you blow-
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Dushka used to do this. I found that hissing at her really loudly then going away from her worked, though it took a bit of time.
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