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Buttercup, Briar & Scout

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This last October a co-worker approached me about three feral kittens in her backyard, and would I help. It took about 2 weeks, but I eventually trapped them all! With the help of the advice and support from the members of this site, I was able to successfully socialize them. They are all in their new homes, and doing beautifully. Their original thread was lost in "The Great Crash of 2004" (originally posted in the caring for strays and ferals board). Every so often someone is kind enough to ask about them, so I thought I'd start a thread here so all could admire the beauty and courage of Buttercup, Briar, and Scout.

I have so many pictures of them that I'll post them a few at a time, and add as I resize and host them. I hope you enjoy them!

Here's Scout on his first day. I was expecting a scared, hissing feral kitten. What I didn't know was that he was ready, willing, and able to get in touch with his "inner housecat":

Can you see how stressed he was?:

Here he is a couple days later:

After Scout, I trapped Briar. I'll admit he was pretty intimidating, even for a kitten! He was much more "feral" than Scout, but he still quite literally took my breath away, he was so beautiful. See for yourself, here he is day 1:

A nice improvement by day 5...still wouldn't let me touch him, but he was much more relaxed:

Here he is on day 7:

A few days later came Buttercup. She took the longest to trust me, but she was worth all the effort. Here she is day breaks my heart to see the scared look in her eyes:

Here's Briar "protecting" her on day one:

Here she is a couple days later. She was still pretty shy, but at least she didn't look completely terrified:

Sorry this is such a long post. If there's enough interest, I'll post more in the future. I'm trying to post them somewhat sequentially, as best I can remember.

Thanks for looking!
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Aww lovely pics, and yes I love the buttercup pics. Scout is adorable and Briar is just too cute!!! Thank you for taking care of them and finding them great homes.
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They are so cute I'm glad you were able to find them homes Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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Great pictures! Please don't hesitate to continue the thread. They're all gorgeous!
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Interest? Oh, you bet there's interest! They're gorgeous! Please...lots more...pretty please?
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Oh, my, how sweet they are! Little Scout was obviously just horrified! You're right, Briar is gorgeous, and so is Buttercup! I'm so thankful she is feeling more comfortable now!You're so wonderful to rescue these babies, please,please post more pictures for us!
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They are adorable
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I have been a fan of these fur babies since you wrote your thread about capturing them. they are all gorgeous!!! I am definitely a subscriber to this fan club. Keep the pics coming!
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Aww...they are just beautiful! They certainly don't look feral.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47
Interest? Oh, you bet there's interest! They're gorgeous! Please...lots more...pretty please?
oh yes!!! I second that!! more please!!

I also remember your original post but I am sorry to say that I didnt keep up with it sorry!!!

so so so glad that you posted this tread YAY!!! thankyou

and more pictures? please? you have taken such amazing photos of these beautiful kitties and what a wonderful person you are for taking them in....

you said you found homes for them? yes?
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Oh yes definitely Kellye......keep the pics coming! Love them!!!
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You angel for rescuing these babies!

Their gorgeous!, and i agree more pics please!
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always loved looking at them - keep posting!
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Thanks so much everyone. Here's a few more:




And,yes, they have all found good homes! I just got a call this morning from Briar's new mom (now named "Hercules", but will always be Briar to me!), and he is having a blast...he sleeps on his new daddy's head!
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Aww I love the latest pics. Scout is a cutie pie and you know I love buttercup. I'm glad Briar (Hercules) is having fun with with his new parents.
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