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New Litter Box

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This isn't exactly a behavioral problem but I got my kitty a new litter box and he needs to go, but he is just dancing around it. I have to go take the cover off now so he can go.

I got him an enclosed litter pan because he was flinging litter every where when he covered up his business. I put some of the old litter from his other pan on top of the new litter and then sat him in the box without the cover on so that he could get a "feel" for the new box. Then I left him alone to sniff around. What else should I do so that he might decide he wants to use it with the cover on.

This is the first cat I've had as an adult. I had quite a few cats when I was a kid, but never dealt with the actual care of the cat. Playing with them was my job.

I've only had him for a week, but this is not normal cat. I expected him to hide for awhile until he got adjusted to the new environment, but nuh uh he was out and about playing with my daughter(who is only 2 and is just getting used to being gentle with animals)and I. He just needed to sniff around for a few minutes. His old owner said that he didn't use a litter box at her house he just went out the doggie door and pooped/peed outside. I have had NO problems with him using the litter box.

Also, he likes as much attention as dogs do. He just does NOT want to be left alone,lol. The more interaction with humans the better for him. His last owner said he was a great cat with no problems so that is why I took him. She wasn't lying,lol.

This thread was longer than I expected it to be but I figure the more info I gave the better the response would be. So thanks in advance for any help.
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Your cat is like mine. They don't like covered litterboxes. Fortunately they aren't messy when covering their waste but still I surround the litterboxes with newspaper to catch the fallouts!
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