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Just A 'Sorry For Myself' Moan(long)

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I feel so low. Its been an awful few months.

On 27th September I was in the car accident - which halted all my searching for my stolen elderly pony which devasted me in itself. And due to the severe seatbelt injuries to my chest and side, it took me three weeks to be able to get the sling I was using as my left arm was so weak, off, and even then I keep banging my knuckles on things as I pass as the arm feels like a dead weight.

Then on November 22nd, I badly sprained my left ankle on the way to work. I still lurched in and attended everyday, in pain, and am still feeling it badly.

Now to top it all, since Saturday 5th, I have been really ill. I woke up feeling those dreaded lurgies of what I thought was a cold taking hold. I had to keep working as if I don't work I don't get paid - I'm just a temp.

I worked all last week, only taking one morning off on Wednesday and even though I left messages on the work's voicemails, as I wanted to see the doctor first thing, I got into trouble and was told it was not acceptable to leave messages. I had to ring in and speak to someone regardless of what I was doing. I don't know if it's because I was already low but I was really upset about it. I had left messages at 2.35am ! Anyway, by Friday, I was really ill. I couldn't concentrate, much less focus on the computer screen. Couldn't eat ( fastest weight loss programme ever ) and my voice had seized up completely, one minute I was dripping with sweat, the next freezing cold. I went to my evening job, but when I got home at 10pm Friday, I collapsed into bed and slept through until Sunday afternoon, I didn't even get up to eat. Stupidly, I accompanied the family when out buying a Christmas tree - I don't have a coat as it was burnt in the car crash I was in, in September, and haven't found another that fits or is suitable, so I wore about 4 fleeces over several T-shirts, and braved it.

Unfortunately, the 7ft tree, that they eventually bought, and my brother was holding was not going to be kind, and he said "grab this, for a sec", and let go. It fell on me. My left first finger was bent back as it fell, and I'm pretty sure ( from previous experience ) I've fractured it. Great ! Once home, I crawled back into bed, and slept again from 4.30pm, through to Monday at 9am when I finally conceeded and have spent the last two days in bed....sleeping the day away.

The whole thing wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't so darned exhausted. My throat is so croaky, and I have a most annoying hacking cough until I retch, which is giving me a constant headache. But the worse part about it is the pain. My bones ache to the core, and my skin is so touch sensitive. Even my soft duvet feels like its an acid bath. The injuries I sustained in the car crash are absolute agony - like hot pokers jabbing at them. I just don't know whats going on. I have constant shivers, bad muscle cramps, and can't get warm, but I still don't have a stuffy nose, so it can't be a cold then, can it !?! My doctor won't see me so I have to tough it out, but I just feel so darn sick, and I really ought to start back at work tomorrow. I can't afford to be off and not earning so near to Christmas. I'm so miserable, and mega emotional right now.

Anyone got any board magic to zap my way ?
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Sounds like you've got a nasty version of the flu. Drink plenty of fluids and take some OTC meds for the symptoms. We'll be thinking of you.
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get another one??
seriously you need a sick leave with full pay...
If i saw your state and i was your boss id let you home right now!! and give you a full pay!
i hope you get another coat soon!!
PLease get well
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I'm sorry about your luck. Sending good vibeds your way and hoping you feel better soon!
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