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aw :(

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I know this is going to sound really stupid but...
I just went through a box and it had some of the School stuff.
I attended Our lady of mercy college before i moved here..
As i was looking though the hand outs i saw lots of pictures of teachers and coordinators that it made me cry too much..
I know its stupid but if i were in melbourne right now i would have finished year 12 and waiting for mu results to see if i can go to university.
But im crying because i remember the moments that i enjoyed at school
even detention! i miss having my friends around me and i missed wearing my school uniform.
I feel i have missed out on too much, now all of my friends have grown into young women and i still feel like im a child. that hasnt completed anything yet.
I miss being in the theatre, attending sport, going to the canteen at lunch and forgetting to do my homework. i miss sitting around my friends and talk about the following weekend and the past weekend.
I even miss seeing my teachers.
It was a natural daily thing going to school and seeing people.
Now im here and im at home most of the time, as soon as i see kids walk out of school i get too scared to go near them but it will never be the same as my old school.
I just wish i could go back time and had enjoyed it more.
Sorry for this but i need to let it out!
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Aw Honey, i'm sorry.. I went to a magnet school in middle school that went during odd times of the year, so I never could socialize with the kids in my neighborhood. It was rough, so I know how it is.. (and when I went back to normal school I was soo the odd girl out!!)
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Happy memories help us through difficult times. Make it so!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Happy memories help us through difficult times. Make it so!
So true.

It's hard to leave places you love - but you will have gained so much along the way. You'll have an appreciation of different ways of life and a much broader view of the world than many people your age - no amount of reading alone could have given that.

Remember your old school with affection - use this time to build new happy memories for the future.

((Hugs you)) to take the sadness away
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