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Hi, I'm new.

I posted in the Health and Nutrition forum, and it was suggested that I introduce myself, so this is me saying hi.

I currently live with a cat and a kitten. The cat is called Ginger, he's around 12-14 years old, and a kitten called Metz, she's around 6 months old.

I've had a few cats over the years, but unfortunately I live along side a road which people tend to speed along . So a few have been killed by careless drivers. One driver killed my cat who had only had given birth to kittens 10 days earlier .

I have some pics of Metz here:

Oh, my name is Owen.

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Metz looks just like our Blackie, tho' I think Blackie's eyes are more green. I love the black nose, I don't know why, it's just so cute.

Blackie was born under my bed about 4 years ago, and he's my favorite. Our other cat is Sparky, who is about 5-6 months old. I am his favorite, much to the dismay of the rest of the family.

Anyway, welcome!
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Welcome Owen!! Nice to meet you! Great pictures - Metz looks just like one of my boys - Boddington (bit of an alcohol theme there eh? what with Metz and Boddington... hee hee) he even has a red collar the same! Cute!

I hope you stick around - this is a great place to be! Enjoy it!!
A welcome party for you:

:tounge2: :eye&mouth :pinky: :pinky: :flash: :laughing: :blubturq:
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Hello Owen and welcome. Your kitten is beautifull. Would love to see pics of Ginger too.
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!!
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Welcome to The Cat Site Owen!!
Metz is a real cutey!!
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Hello, Owen! Welcome to The Cat Site! Thank you for the photographs of little Metz.

I'm sorry to learn of the road hazard where you live. I, too, live on a busy city street; but my cats, Michaela and Tonya, are indoors-only gals. We have a nightly visitor, however: a male cat, who comes inside for brief periods before insisting upon returning to the hard life out of doors. We leave food and water for him, for which he is very grateful (much purring ensues).


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Hi Owen

Thanks for the links to see your lovely baby Metz
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Mr. Cat...leave it to you to figure out the name thing! You always amaze me...

Owen - I will add my welcomes to the rest of the litter here.
Please visit often and I would love to see more pics of this little beauty as well as Ginger.
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I don't have any recent pics of Ginger, I'll take some when I locate the memory card for the camera. The only other pics of Ginger I have are quite old, and feature me... When I was 11 or 12 or something (I am 21 ATM), and absolutely no one is going to see those.


More pics of Metz again when I find that damned memory card.

I'll try and obtain pics of the other cats I have had, then scan and show.

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Hi Owen,

I had forgot to ask if Metz was a purebred. His eyes are so gold and against that black beautiful coat it just appeared that he may be. Of course he know's he's gorgeous. :laughing2 My Opie has gold eyes too, but he's an orange cat. I don't think I've ever seen a black cat with such a unique colored eyes.


Take Care ....
Love & Peace,
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Welcome Owen!

Where in England are you from? My brother just married an English girl so we have relatives there

Hope you enjoy the site!
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Metz is a she, and she's from a rescue centre. I don't know her genetic history, but I think the chances she's purebred are unlikely.

My cousin originaly got her, I don't know why, she had given birth to a child herself only a few months before getting Metz.

Anyway Metz got hyper sometimes and she couldn't cope with looking after her baby and a kitten. So we got a litter trained little kitten, prenamed which was good, because I never get to choose. Thus we have had cats with fairly common names, with one exception Indy (I'll try and find some photos of her).

We had intended to get another cat or kitten because Ginger gets depressed after he looses a friend, he looses all his energy.

Metz is quite unusual, unlike all the other female cats we have had, who were quite independant, outgoing, Metz likes to be fussed and likes to sit on your lap, like Ginger and the male kittens we had.

I live in North Staffordshire.

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Dear Owen,:angel2:

Sorry about that, I read that wrong. Well, she's very pretty! I can't get over her eyes being so gold like that!

Love & Peace,
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A warm welcome to the cat site Owen :blubturq: I,m also from England, I,m from Stockport, near Manchester.

Metz is so adorable, I also have a lovely black cat called Felix.

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Hi Owen!
Welcome to the cat site. I hope you will like it here.

Metz is so adorable!
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Welcome to the cat site!!!:tounge2:
Metz is georgous! I love the pic of her in front of the computer watching the chat room screen!!!! :LOL:
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I try and keep her away from the screen these days, if she sees the cursor she will jump at it, leaving paw prints all over the place.

When she's a good girl she will either sleep on my lap, under my monitor or on the pile of stuff in my top draw.

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