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Kittens, Cats, and Catnip

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Hey Everyone

I just have a quick question. I know that baby kittens don't generally respond to catnip. Could anyone tell me the "typical" age that they begin to respond? It probably varies from kitty to kitty, but what's the ball park range ?

Thanks chickies
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I think I read it was between 6-8 months old. Baylee is 6 months old and she's not responding to it - either it's still too early or she never will.
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I think it's after 3 months --- when they get their 'sexual desires' rolling. Am I right? I read somewhere that the scent of catnip is similar to the scent of the glands that male cats give out. Makes them crazy. Catnip affects my cats differently... the girlcats don't go near as bonkers as my boycats do!
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Thanks Ari . I know that some kitties never really get into it, but I was just wondering what, approximately, the age may be. Ani didn't get into it until her adulthood...maybe even around 5 years old..
My Trent never responded at all to it
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Did you ever try other things besides catnip with Trent? I'd like to try honeysuckle or other catnip-like toys to see if Baylee reacts to them... but then I was talking to a friend who was horrified that I wanted Baylee to react to catnip, she would NEVER give her cat that stuff!
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Darkeyedgirl.. Hi I don't think we have met. I had two kitties (boy and girl) when I was little and I remember they both loved it.. 3 months is younger than I had thought, but like I said, I am sure it varies..
Thanks hun..

I just ordered the honeysuckle for Ani. The last time I ordered catnip from ebay, Ani almost teared open the envelope
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Ari don't worry!
Tango is just 6 months and she has sort of been getting into it... she likes the catnip toys better than the ones without, but she still doesn't react to loose catnip, I can't remember when Baker did, but Cola was close to a year old!
I think every cat is just different
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Oh crap really??
i just bought a bunch of cat nip from petsmart off the internet! my kitty is 3 months old but he is already trying to hump the rabbit and my arm!
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You need two things generally for cats to respond to catnip - 1 is the appropriate genes, no inheritance of the appropriate genes, no response.
2nd is that usually the kitten must be at the age of sexual maturity - that said, some cats begin maturing MUCH earlier than others, so there can be some variation in response.

The active ingredient in catnip is nepetalactone - contained in the highest concentration in catnip buds or the essential oil from the buds.

Those cats who are not catnip responders, may well respond to honeysuckle or valerian, so don't despair..there are other options out there!

Catnip is one of our favorite topics
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Wow Fwan.. 3 months and already lookin' for some play .. Petsmart does have some real good stuff .
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I always heard 6 months. But the kittens I had this past summer went nuts over it when they were just about 5 or 6 weeks old!

Edit: And I did have one cat who had no interest in it at all.
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I cant wait for xmas day to try out the cat nip bubbles with our boys
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We have taken in a just over 4 month old kitten (vet's estimation (sp?) ) and she is starting to love the catnip toys we have.
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Lauren i posted the same sort of question the other month because Sophie never touched the catnip like what Rosie did, she just used to look at Rosie when she was rolling around in it like she was strange, but then all of a sudden when she turned 8 months she went beserk over it!.

It was so funny to watch her.
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Originally Posted by byclops
I cant wait for xmas day to try out the cat nip bubbles with our boys
The bubbles are GREAT! (just as much fun for us humans!! ) I hope Hunter and Chase enjoy them!

My two both love catnip, although, they do just enjoy playing with whatever may be at hand!!
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Aww my kitties haven't had catnip for ages! They love the fresh stuff. Maybe that's a christmas idea?
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Yes, I have seen the bubbles. They are probably so much fun. I usually get the loose organic, but I recently bought a toy with catnip in it and Ani looooves it. Skylar is a little over 4 months. I don't think he has reached his sexual maturity at all...Soon
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