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Missy's new problem

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Poor Missy...just when I think shes doing fine, another minor setback. For the last few days she has been using the litterbox instead of my stimulating her to go ( shes 3.5 weeks old)with no problems. Today when I put her in the box she did go but cried as sher was peeing. She cried a bit louder tonight while she was peeing and there was a smaller amount than usual. I decided to gently wipe her with a warm cloth and she peed a large amount. Is she not ready for the litterbox yet? I might add that she seems to have less trouble having regular bowel movements using the litterbox, than when I stimulated her.
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She's a little too young. I'm assuming she is still on kitten formula. Give her another 2 weeks and then isolate her in either a cage (if you have one, as that is best) or a small room, like a bathroom. Bedrooms are too large and overwhelming for a kitten that age. If you don't have a cage, maybe you know someone you can borrow one from. But keep stimulating her. By the time she's ready to begin kitten food (5 weeks) you can start trying to box train her again. When you start her on food, use a small can of kitten food with a little KMR (kitten forumla) on it in a saucer. Gently put her mouth and nose to it and let her go to town. She's probably going to walk in it, but that's normal. Just clean her off when she's finished. Then take her over to the litterbox and put her in it. When she goes, praise her. Don't get frustrated if she simply jumps out of it. If you get stressed or frustrated, she will associate the box with punishment and then you'll have another problem.

Good luck. I give you a lot of credit. Raising a kitten that young is very time consuming not to mention tiring. But the rewards are so great.

I raised 3 feral kittens and believe me, it was worth all the effort.

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Thanks for the tips and the support. I couldn't have come this far with Missy without everyone on this forum. When I found her, I had no idea what to do..now I'm shaping up to be a pretty good "kitty mommy" Of course I still have a LOT to learn, but I'm getting there. If only she could live on love alone The frustrationis well worth it when that little ball of fluff curls up to you and purrs or gives you the half closed eyes "I adore you" look. Thanks again, to all of you!
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