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hey I'm new and I ugently need some help

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My queen (Grace) gave birth to 4 beautifull kittens 2 weeks ago and yesterday her milk just suddenly dried up. Has this ever happened to any of you guys be4, I'm very concerned and would like to know the reason why something like this happens. I'm feeding the kittens cat formula every 4 hours with a bottle now, but it is very exspensive and I don;t know how I'm going to keep up doing this, is there an alternative?? so if there is anybody that could give me advice on this issue. I will very much apreciate it.

PS: I love your site, I only wish that I have found it earlier
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welcome to TCS!!!
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Welcome to TCS. Perhaps you could call your vet. I know that when one of my cats lost her milk supply, there were shots that the vet would give her to help her out. Call and ask him/her.
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I would get your mom cat in to be checked and also get her spayed. Your kitties need formula now, and yes it is expensive, but without the proper nutrients they will die. There is no alternative unless you can find a rescue organization near you that will take the kittens and bottle feed them and raise them.

Please get your mom cat to the vet, she should be checked out. If she is clogged she will need a vet's intervention to help her

Also this website might help you www.kitten-rescue.com
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Welcome to the site! I'm afraid that the best idea would be what Hissy recommended above - a vet visit for the momma cat. Good luck and let us know what happens!
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I will get her to the vet asap.

I saw a recipe for an alternative formula with skim milk or goats milk and egg yolk and vit's ect. Do you think it will be okay to change to this? :?

There isn't realy any cat rescue organization in south africa only a few and they are very buzy and do not realy have place for xstra kittens, i'd rather take care of them myself than leave them at one of those horrible places.

thnx again for the advice.
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I'm glad you are getting her to a vet
Take a look at the link Hissy gave... the whole site is dedicated to helping kittens, and their are recipes for you to feed the kittens
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While you are at the vet, ask if they have any powdered kitten formula. We use Mammalac at my clinic. You reconstitute is as needed and it tends to be a little less expensive in the long run than the formula they sell at the pet store. It's about $14 CDN and will last you a week or so.
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thnx alot DR. Doolittle
I took her to the vet this morning
He said that I might have been stress related, seeing that I was not at home for 4 days on a business trip and a friend of mine looked after my kitties just a few days after she gave birth.

It seems as if my mommy is getting her milk back.
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Oh good. Welcome to TCS btw!
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That's fantastic news!
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